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On August 9, 1991 in Ventersdorp, western Transvaal, the Boers led by the AWB (Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging) clashed with the police forces of the RSA (Republic of South Africa) Empire and a number of black communist terrorists.
During the Battle of Ventersdorp three Boers were killed, all AWB members: A.F. Badenhorst, G.J Koen, and J.D. Conradie.
Their sacrifice was not forgotten.

In memory of the Boers fallen in the Battle of Ventersdorp (1991)

Afrikaner nation? Theuns Cloete PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 23 June 2014 15:07

The History of the Great Boer Trek and the Origin of the South African RepublicsIn the book, “The History of the Great Boer Trek and the Origin of the South African Republics”, published in 1899, the authors attempt to provide a record of the peoples of southern Africa and the historical animosity the Boers and English shared for one another.

Although blinded by his patriotism and the English right of empire building and their automatic domain over any nation seen as uncivilised or those who stood in the way of colonialism, he does make a particular effort to record the peoples (nations) of southern Africa.

The authors are Her Majesty’s High Commissioner for Natal, Hon. Henry Cloete (LLD) and his grandson W.B. Cloete – who attempt to enlighten their British countrymen, with whom the Empire is at war with (Anglo-Boer War in 1899). Of utmost importance is his meticulous categorisation of people, namely:
• Bushman
• Hottentot
• Griqua
• Kafir (tribes)
• Amapondas
• Amabaka
• Barolong
• Matabelee
• Mantatee
• Zulu
• Frenchmen
• Germans
• Dutchmen
• Dutch farmers from the Cape Colony
• Saxon farmers
• [Old] Romans
• British settlers
• Scottish immigrants
• Boer farmers
• Boers

What’s quite evident from this account of history in 1899, is that no people called Afrikaners are recorded. Not one mention is made of them in the book and yet somehow today the Afrikaners claim to be Boer. The authors have never met or encountered the Afrikaners or acknowledged their role in the formation of the Natal Republic or any of the Boers, who they so fondly and persistently also call “the emigrants”.

These Boers or emigrants are clearly identified as those white people who left the domain of the British colonies and “protectorates” in the search of other lands – away from the colony. Those staying behind are then by default quite content with British rule and identity and therefore cannot claim to be the Boer people. These are naturally the colonials, settlers and Cape Dutch who stayed behind. However, today it is these very Afrikaners who claim to have a right to the Boer identity and heritage – as well as their land.

Boers and afrikaners (volkstaat.org)

The History of the Great Boer Trek and the Origin of the South African Republics
(pdf version on Boervolk Radio - English language)

Boer history books
(Boervolk Radio)

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14 June 2014

Cornelia de Wet, 2014Cornelia De Wet will return to court this coming week. Over the past two years, she has not had the option of been given a free and fair trial. Due to the fact that she is represented by government attorney's, and has had over eight different legal advisers who have clearly not taken a keen interest in her situation and offered her a decent defense, she needs all our help. Cornelia can be set free and turn this nightmare around with the help of all her friends and family. What Cornelia needs is an independent attorney who will give her a vested interest and perform a defense befitting her situation. Let us all group together and support Cornelia. Let us all fund her defense with a generous donation towards the cost of an attorney. If anybody is interested in continuing with this fund raising, then we can open up a bank account and appoint an attorney. If there is an attorney who is willing to fight the battle of a woman in desperate need of fair justice, then contact us. We need your help and time is not on our side. Thank you for taking the time to read this and if possible please share.

Contact info Delores Oneale - email: doneale1@gmail.com or cell number 0823742999.

Against the discrimination of the White prisoners - letter PDF Print E-mail
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This e-mail it was send to the South African Human Rights Commission.

Per: NVKwaza@sahrc.org.za
YOUR REF. Gp/1314/0737/KC
May 14th. 2014

Mr. Commissioner,

With reference to the above please allow me to complain to you about the obvious inequality and discrimination being practiced by the government between black and white prisoners in South Africa.
I refer you to the matters of messrs. Shabir Sheik and Jackie Selebi. Both of them were sentenced to long prison sentences but on account of their health conditions both served a very small part of their sentence. Let me hasten to assure you that I do not begrudge the two gentlemen their parole which was granted to them for amongst others, obvious humane reasons.

Although having been assured through the media of the terminal illness of at least one of the gentlemen, quite sometime ago he was still alive and well and still capable to play gholf.

Clive Derby Lewis and Andries TreurnichtOn the other hand Mr. Clive Derby Lewis, a white political prisoner who has served more than twenty years of his sentence, who became eligible for parole and who on account of his terminal illness, applied for medical parole which was refused. Mr. Derby-Lewis is on top of that an old man. He is still being detained. Can we please be informed of the rationale behind all this?
Let me also inform you that Mr. Nelson Mandela once wrote that to judge the humaneness of a country, one must look at the treatment of it’s prisoners. He himself was released by his jailers and allowed to continue his political life. The same with the communist, the late Mr. Bram Fischer, who terminally ill, was released and allowed to die outside prison.
Why are these white prisoners being treated in this inhumane fashion? Surely it is because they are white. There can not be any other reason for this.
The same applies to the members of the Boeremag. Honourable gentlemen who protested the discrimination meted out to white people. Some of them were detained for over 11 years awaiting trial. They were only recently allowed the privilege of receiving contact visits from friends and family.

Sir, in conclusion please allow me to request you to address this obvious iniquity against people who cannot due to circumstances beyond their control, plead their own case.

Yours faithfully
Piet Rudolph: Boer Republicans.

South Africa, imperial election 2014. The Boer volk doesn't vote PDF Print E-mail
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Sweepslag, nr. 1, 1994. Title: "Ons stem nie!" ("We will not vote!")

Zuma and MulderOn the 7th of May, 2014, there will be election in the Republic of South Africa (RSA), the Empire that submits all the peoples of Southern Africa. In addition to the Vryheidsfront Plus (VF+), which cooperates with the Empire since 1994, will take part in it a new and additional white “Afrikaner” movement who denying the specific identity of the Boer volk - the only white African volk, the only therefore that have right to independence in Southern Africa - considering it part of a larger whole which would also include other white minorities historically loyal to foreign powers, the Front Nasionaal (FN).

Front Nasionaal, 2014

Nothing new, in strategies and people. The white Afrikaner nationalism was conceived just to destroy the Boer identity, so that the Boers were subjugated and absorbed within a new artificial nation, slave of the Empire of the RSA. Among the members of the “new” Front Nasionaal we find old elements of the VF+, of the Federal Vryheidsparty (FVP) and of the Volksraad Verkiesing Kommissie (VVK).
But the Boer volk does NOT vote. Because the Boers do not vote foreign parties and parliaments; because parties only serve to divide the volk; because the Boer volk does not elect the worst (democracy) but select the best, standing firm in loyalty to the Heavenly Father.

Pretoria, 1994

Pretoria, 1994

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