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Thursday, 31 May 2012 11:07


“Oranje-blanje-blou” (“Orange-white-blue”) flag

The so-called “Oranje-blanje-blou” (“Orange-white-blue”) flag was designed in 1927, and May 31, 1928, was adopted by the Union of South Africa, the empire put together by international capitalism through British military force, after to have defeated and incorporated the free Boer republics in 1902. The “Oranje-blanje-blou” replaced the British flag.

The goal of this change was to give to the south African Empire a new flag that could be considered “acceptable” by all different white components of the Empire: the white Cape Afrikaners (also known as “Cape Dutch”); the Boer; the British.
The “Oranje-blanje-blou” served to promotes a new false “nationalism” primarily based on skin color (not even on the race!), for to contrast the true Boer nationalism, which demanded the freedom lost in the 1902.
The “Oranje-blanje-blou” was, therefore, a new and further attack to the Boer identity.

The “Oranje-blanje-blou” is a collage of flags of different countries and volk. Its basis is the Prinsevlag (a Nederlander flag), while in the center there are three other flags side by side, in order: that of the United Kingdom; that of the Orange Free State (OVS); that of the Zuid Afrikaanse Republiek (ZAR, literally: “South African Republic”, Boer Republic in the Transvaal region). A total of four flags. The Union Flag (or Union Jack), however, comes from a combination of three other flags, of three different volk and countries: England, Scotland and Ireland!

A flag that represent different volk, ins't the flag of any volk; is the flag of an empire.

To combine the flags of the Boer Republics (ZAR and OVS) with the Prinsevlag, the supposed flag of Van Riebeeck, from which the ancestors of the Boers fled!, and with the flag of the United Kingdom, whose military force in the service of international capitalism put an end to the Boer republics, exterminating 27,000 Boers (mostly children) in the concentration camps, is not only a nonsense, it is an abomination, because it means to deny the Boer identity, then the same Boer volk, and all sacrifices that it has made to be free and independent.

The “Oranje-blanje-blou” was cataloged by Volkstaat.org as a symbol of the Boer Genocide.

Wiehan Botes (5 months old) strangled. June 2012 - White Genocide in southern Africa PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 29 May 2012 14:07

Wiehan Botes, 5 months old, strangled - White Genocide in southern Africa

The White Genocide in southern Africa is not a simple crime, as the “new” empire of the Republic of South Africa would have us believe. That hate is the engine of this mass murder, is also evident by looking at the age of the victims. Among the latest: Wiehan Botes, 5 months old, strangled.
With him was also killed an elderly woman who nursed him, Margrietha de Goede (60 y.o.). The dead bodies were found Wednesday, June 23.
The two murders occurred in Dalmas, Transvaal (the “new” RSA Empire first changed the name of that area in “Eastern Transvaal”, then in “Mpumalanga”. An other kind of genocide…).

In an attempt to hide the White Genocide, when the victim is white and the executioner is black the (nationality and the) race of the people involved are usually kept hidden. With the excuse of don’t want promote “racism” (at least that not politically correct), has become common practice to hide the truth, even a racist Genocide. That’s why the White Genocide is hidden also in the West, and that’s why the West is its accomplice.

Wiehan Botes, 5 mesi, strangolato - Genocidio Bianco in Africa del sud

May 27, 2012 – The Boers remember the dead for freedom PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 28 May 2012 17:07

At the end of May 1902 the Boers lost their Republics and their freedom, defeated by genocide that had exterminated about 50% of the Boer child population.
Yesterday, May 27, 2012, at various cemeteries of the British concentration camps of the Second Anglo-Boer War, especially at Balmoral, Heidelberg, Krugersdorp and Klerksdorp, some Boers have remembered their dead, and their sacrifice for freedom.

The nature of the afrikaner “volksraad” of the VVK PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 24 May 2012 07:07

Afrikaner-Jewish flag

The Volksraad Verkiesing Kommissie (VVK, the Electoral Commission of white Afrikaners) in 2011 established its “small parliament”, improperly named “Boere-Afrikanervolksraad” (“Boer-Afrikaner Parliament”). The nature of this “volksraad” is the same of those who created it, the VVK. And the VVK is basically a creature of Verkenners, a sort of white Afrikaner Freemasonry, which works to confuse the true nationalism (Boer) with a false (white Afrikaner). Just as the Freemasons usually work to confuse Evil with Good.

Their nature guides their actions. Their work of deception aimed to confuse white Afrikaners with Boers, has only one name: Boer Genocide, and their action is radical, because wants to confuse the Good with the Evil, the Messiah with the False-Messiah, the True Israel with the False Israel, the Israelites with the Jews.

No wonder, it's their nature, as already denounced by Volkstaat.org months ago.
Theirs is an attack on Boerevolk, on its specific identity, so that it taint itself and turn away from JaHWeH.

Who loves JaHWeHShua don't loves Judaism, Jew-dah-ism, the Anti-Messiah, Anti-JaHWeHShua (or anti-JaHShua) religion of the Jews.
I John 2-22-24:
Who is a liar but he that denieth that JaHWèshua is the Messiah? He is a false messiah, that denieth the FATHER and the Son. Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the FATHER.

The VVK and its white Afrikaner “volksraad”, have close relationships with Judaism supporters and with supporters of the Jewish Zionist state in Palestine.

Below (in blue) is published a letter of Paul Kruger, President of the VVK and collaborator of its “volksraad”, to Avigdor Eskin, a Russian-Jewish supporter of the Jewish state and of the so-called “white Afrikaner nationalism”.
The letter was published on Facebook by Avigdor Eskin, May 21, 2012, and is preceded by his comment (in red).
The ideas expressed by Paul Kruger are aberrant, and the fact that he cites Scripture improperly is abominable. The decision to publish this letter in full on Volkstaat.org, aims to document the facts.

The comments in square brackets, here highlighted in green, are by Volkstaat.org.

Avigdor Eskin
A letter from my dear and dignified friend from SA. Paul Kruger must be one of the future leaders there. The Afrikaners [with reference to Afrikaans-speaking whites] support us [the Zionist Jews]. We must help them now!!!

Dear Avigdor

Your message of the South African [Empire of South Africa] Government’s envisaged anti-Israel [the Jewish state in Palestine, that given itself that name] that actions regarding imports from the West Bank, has reference.

What the ANC/SA Communist Party [African National Congress / SAKP] alliance intend to do in this regard, I find disgusting and atrocious – though I am not entirely surprised by it. I am not even surprised (although it is tragic enough) that a South African Jew - born almost on the very day Israel became independent – leads this new onslaught against Medinat Jisraeel. It justs serves as another proof that the real struggle is not primarily a racial one between flesh and blood; but a spiritual strife which raged since the Fall of man, and which will continue until the end of this worldly dispensation.

In the meantime, we can but hope and pray that our own roles and disposition in this struggle conforms to the Will of the only God. He promised that Israel would be restored – a process which I believe has commenced since the late 19th century; was greatly confirmed on the 14th of May 1948, and which will not be halted by any human opposition. Consequently, I also believe in the borders of Israel as laid down by God in the Old Testament (the Book of Numbers, Chapters 32, 34 and 35; and the Book of Joshua, Chapters 13-21) [JisraEL, the physical descendants of Jacob/Israel, have left Palestine to become a nation within the nations!]. These borders were established thousands of years ago; but for God, thousand years are like the blink of an eye. [The modern Jewish State is not a part the Scripture at all! The Roman destroyed Edomite Temple (as prophesied in Matthew 24) that was the third and final physical Temple. JHWH Elohim now dwells in the Tabernacle of the bodies of the Assembly of True JisraEL, i.e. the physical bodies of believers]. And when we hold ourselves to these Scriptures, there can be no question of Palestines on the West Bank and in Jerusalem - also the East Bank belongs to Israel; and Syria owes to Israel more than just the Golan Heights. [Paul Kruger in a single sentence denis independence to the Palestinians, and calls into question the borders of Jordan and Syria! His words, not very diplomatic and utterly out of place, prove - if proof were needed - that he isn't working at all to gather international consensus to free white Afrikaners and Boers. The aims are quite different: to support the Jewish State; Judaism; and confuse the True Israel with the False Israel. The Jewish State,and the right of Jews to live in Palestine is not based on the hypothetical physical origins of the Jewish people, because they are not of Jacob/Israel.]

You can be assured, Avi, that – had the independence and statehood of us Boer-Afrikaners not been destroyed by cowardly betrayal in 1994 [the Boers are not the Afrikaners, and in fact have lost their independence in 1902!], Israel would have found South Africa [the “old” empire of the Republic of South Africa - RSA] an unfailing ally to this day. True, there are some among my people who cite Rob Davies  [a Jew of the ANC/SAKP, Minister of the “new” empire of the Republic of South Africa – RSA] and many other examples as a rationale for being anti-Jewish [Paul Kruger could make many examples of Jews active in southern Africa, choosing between communist leaders and great capitalists, but has preferred an example rather anonymous]; but I believe they are a minority. I spoke to the members of the Volksraad a week ago; and specifically urged them to forge ties with the erstwhile international friends of the Boer-Afrikaner [a volk has a single identity, not two!] people; including Israel. Not a single one disagreed with me. I sincerely hope that discussions between the Volksraad and suitable Israeli role-players can be facilitated - I am not sure however where to start; and hope that you could be of assistance in this regard.

I want to thank you again for your great endeavours on behalf of freedom for the Boer-Afrikaner people [what freedom? Those who confuse a volk with another, to subdue, conquer and defile it, what freedom is about?] – even though they sometimes respond tragically unbefitting. Be assured that such thankless behaviour is also displayed by many of them towards myself who, although I sacrificed much, suffered much from them and continue to do so: Betrayed, at one time even beaten, regularly slandered behind my back, three weeks ago insulted in my face. As I say, the struggle continues - because it is in the first instance a spiritual one [is true, and his words show where he stands].

That would be all for now Avi; I hope you have a nice week and that we will speak soon again.

Yours sincerely;

Paul Kruger.

Boer-Zulu Treaty, 1838 PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 21 May 2012 07:07

Boer-Zulu Treaty, 1838, between Pieter Retief and Dingaan - Click to enlarge

The 4th February, 1838.

Know all men by this that Whereas Pieter Retief Governor of the dutch Emigrant South afrikans has retaken my Cattle which Sinkoyella had stolen which cattle the said Retief now deliver unto me. I Dingaan, King of the Zoolas as hereby Certify and declare that I thought fit to resign unto him the said Retief and his Countrymen (On reward of the case hereabove mentioned, the Place called Port Natal together with all the Land anexed (n above), that is to say from Dogeela to the Omsoboebo River westward and from the Sea to the North as far as the Land may be Usefull and in my possession which I did by this and give unto them for their Everlasting property.

De merk (scribble) van de
Konng (?) Dingaan.

Als getuye (?) Als getuye (?)
M. Oosthuijse Noeana (?) grand raads Lid
A.C. Greyling Inliwanio (scribble)
B.J. Liebenberg Manondo (scribble)

And on the back of it:
Certwiseere dat deeze omschreevene Contrackt is gevonden door ons ondergeteekende bij de gebeente van wylen den heer P. Retief in dingaansland op den 21 dag van December 1838 in een leedere Jager Sak in dien vereisht zyn wy bereid dat met solemn neele Eede te staaven.
E.F. Potgieter
[Translation by Volkstaat.org:
Certifying that this written Contract is founded by us, the undersigned, at the skeletons of foremost lord P. Retief in the Dingaan's land, on the 21st day of December 1838 in a leather knapsack, should it be demanded, we would be willing to affirm it by solemn oath.
E.F. Potgieter]

Note. — This is copied from the lithograph in the First Annexation of the Transvaal by Dr. Leyds.

The Republic of Natalia
from the book “Boerestaat”, by Robert van Tonder

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