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Tuesday, 26 July 2011 08:30

Free Cliffie! Free all Boers!

Nicolaas Clifton Barnard (“Cliffie”) is a Boer prisoner of war, jailed by the capitalist-communist regime of southern Africa. He is prison since 1997.
His wife, Lorraine, has remained faithful to him, and waits for his release. She raised the children alone, and now battling to exist. To help her is a duty, for all Boers and for all friends of the Boer nation.
To help the woman of a Boer soldier in captivity, is the best gift that a Boer, or a friend of the Boer nation, can do to himself.

Account nr.: 9053559724
Account holder: Lorraine Barnard
Bank: Absa Bank, Uitenhage, Eastern Province, South Africa
Reason for payment: Donation

Free all Boer prisoners!