Camelot 2011: sent money to the wife of “Cliffie” (Boer prisoner of war) PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 21 September 2011 11:07

Camelot 2011 - Fund-raising for to help the wife of “Cliffie”The money collected at Camelot by to help the wife of “Cliffie”, Boer prisoner of war, were regularly transferred to the account of Mrs. Barnard, in southern Africa. In total were shipped 210.00 Euros (about 2,120.60 Rand, exchange rate of September 14). The receipt is published below.
“” thank all friends of the Boer nation, of many different European nationalities, who have contributed to this fund-raiser.


Further initiatives of this kind, in favor of Boer prisoners, will be organized soon. However, it is still possible to help the wife of “Cliffie” directly.




Free “Cliffie”!
Free all Boer prisoners!
Free Boer nation!


Ricevuta soldi trasferiti da alla moglie di “Cliffie” - Raccolta fondi a Camelot 2011