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Saturday, 05 March 2011 14:43

Boere-Volkstaat (Boere Republieke) supports the independence of the Boer nation, the only white nation in Africa. The Afrikaners, with reference to Afrikaans-speaking whites, aren’t a nation. So they don’t have right to independence, because only nations have that right.
The Anglophone whites aren’t a nation, the English are. The French-speaking whites aren’t a nation, the French are.
To support an artificial (Afrikaner) “nationalism”, only serves to weaken the only real white African nationalism: the Boer nationalism.

The majority of Afrikaners, with reference to Afrikaans-speaking whites, did not participate in the Great Trek. Most Afrikaners fought against the Boers during the conflict between British Empire and Boer republics. Most Afrikaners supported the RSA regime that imprisoned Boer Republics.

The fact that many white South Africans, including biological descendants of the Boers of the Boer Republics, using the term “Afrikaner” and “Boer” as synonyms, testifies their great identity crisis promoted by the capitalist-communist propaganda that has brainwashed them, and perhaps even more: washed away their spirit.

To use the two words “Afrikaner” and “Boer” together (“Boer-Afrikaner”), also in good faith, believing to promote unity, serves only to give birth to a nonsense: a nation that doesn’t exist and can not exist. Two people together aren’t a nation, are the anti-nation, the false nation that denies the real one.

Piet "Skiet" Rudolph, Robert van Tonder, Eugene Terre'Blanche

AWB: English pro-Boers support Eugene Terre'Blanche!The boundaries of a nation, like those of a family, are the natural ones, dictated by the blood and spirit. Being descendants of the Boers doesn’t means being their biological descendants only, but also spiritual ones. As wrote Robert van Tonder, intellectual that raised the Boer spiritual renaissance, any white Afrikaner can become a Boer if embrace their culture, tradition, and spirit.
Eugene Terre’Blanche, historical Boer leader, spending his life to unite Afrikaners (with reference to Afrikaans-speaking whites) and other whites of southern Africa, and not to divide them, but under the flags of the Boer nation, for to make them Boers. The “Volkstaat” promoted by Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB) wasn’t a piece of land somewhere in southern Africa, for any white peoples, but a Boer State (the “Boerestaat”), for the Boers, on the land of the Boer Republics. The Afrikaner Volksfront (AVF), which was formed in 1993, supported the Boer independence, and in the case negotiations fail (as then happened) had provided a Boer Unilateral Declaration of Independence: an independence plan (later, on 1994, carried out only by AWB) which provided for the liberation of the Western Transvaal (and not for a land somewhere).


Boerestaat (Boer Volkstaat)

The efforts of the Volksraad Verkiesing Kommissar (VVK, in English: “Electoral Commission for the Election of a Boer-Afrikaner People’s Assembly”) to elect candidates who represent a hypothetical “Boer-Afrikaner” nation, are not on the right way.

Surely the vast majority of people who work and participate in VVK are good people, absolutely in good faith. Among its candidates are also estimated and important people such as Clive Derby-Lewis, Steyn van Ronge (the new leader of the AWB) and Franz Jooste of the Kommandokorps, but this should not distract us from the purpose of that commission.
Reading the writings of many candidates, it is easy to understand that they aren’t Boers in spirit. This invalidates the whole. Only Boers can lead the Boers. The most striking example is that of Dr. Dan Roodt, arch-enemy of the true Boer nationalists, that is doing his best to support and to spread an Afrikaner-Jewish thought, organic and useful only to the capitalism-communism.

Sometimes don’t serve to be able to read, just look the pictures. On one hand Dr. Dan Roodt, on the other Piet “Skiet” Rudolph, the last icon of the Boer nation. The choice is obvious.
The events of Paardekraal where Piet “Skiet” Rudolph (74 years old) has been threatened, insulted, beaten, and delivered to police by Afrikaners because he have supported the Boer cause, forced to choose sides.
Security forces of the AWB present at Paardekraal, were certainly not responsible for what happened, they are composed of brave patriots, who try to help their people. Unfortunately, them aren’t their people. The Afrikaners aren’t their nation, also because the Afrikaners aren’t a nation.
On these days published an AWB document, written in 2002 and still on the website of the Resistance Movement. The Boer nation is not an Afrikaner “nation”. Please read it, friends.
The words of Paul Kruger, of other VVK men and of Jaco Mulder (VF +), after the events of February 17, 2011, at Paardekraal, are the “flag” of Afrikaners, once again waved against the Boer patriots,  against Piet “Skiet”. The flag of those who fought for the British Empire, who supported the RSA against the Boer independentism, who deny the existence of the Boers and called them “farmers” (sic).

The plan of VVK is an Afrikaner plan, that reminds that of Vryheidsfront (Freedom Front), when the Afrikaners were talking about an independent (Afrikaner, not Boer) State in the Cape. Although since 1994 the VF (today VF+) sits in the parliament of the communist-capitalist empire that reigns in southern Africa. And many Afrikaners vote for it.

Many believe that the initiative of VVK is anyhow positive. The Afrikaans-speaking white population in southern Africa is increasingly fragmented, the political movements have lost members and power, people are increasingly poor, many have left southern Africa, crime is rampant and life is increasingly difficult and dangerous.
But take again the wrong road will serve only to move away from the goal.
Registering to vote is very simple. But just look to European countries, who vote regularly: their nations are walking towards their own genocide (cultural, biological and spiritual).

As recently writed by Piet “Skiet”, 4,313 Boer women and 22,057 Boer children were murdered in British concentration camps during the Second War of Liberation. A huge sacrifice, for a small nation, who wouldn’t to renounce to itself. And today, their descendants, will deny to be Boers? Worst of the genocide there is only self-genocide.

The freedom, and survival, are not obtained with a pencil.
Prior to liberate the nation must be clear what is the nation. What are its boundaries, biological, spiritual, and then territorial borders. believes that VVK is outside of the boundaries of the Boer nation.

Freedom for the Boer nation!