April 2011. Paul Kruger (VVK) to the International Criminal Court. Does he give himself up? PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 13 April 2011 09:09

05 April 2011. Paul Kruger (VVK), at the International Criminal Court (ICC)

Paul Kruger, President of the Volksraad Verkiesing Kommissie (VVK, the Afrikaner Electoral Commission), on the afternoon of April 5, 2011, went at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague where he presented a formal accusation of genocide against the Empire that reigns over the nations of southern Africa (the “South African Government”) and against the ANC, on behalf of the Verkenners Beweging (Afrikaner [with reference to Afrikaans-speaking whites] scout movement), the organization most active to promote the VVK.

Surely the extermination of whites in southern Africa is a real genocide, which must be documented, fought and stopped. Certainly, however, it can not be used to help to perpetrate another one.
The genocide of a (national, ethnical, racial or religious) group is not only his physical extermination, but also its biological, cultural and spiritual annihilation.

The work of Paul Kruger (and therefore of the VVK), through this initiative (as the one at the UNPO) not only serves to bring attention to a sacrosanct problem (the white genocide), but to propagandize, in southern Africa and to abroad, the concept that the Boer nation doesn’t exist. And this too is genocide.
Paul Kruger, the VVK and the Verkenners and (unfortunately, like many others), continue to spread the propaganda created by the international capitalism for the British Empire and for that of RSA. The two empires that denied freedom to the Boer republics.

Talking about Boer-Afrikaner nation, using the two terms as synonyms: is an act of genocide. As the Empire of Azania change the names of the cities, breaks down the monuments, and rewrite the books, to falsify history; here: the nation is denied and its heritage is considered part of another entity, larger, based on race and language. But this isn’t nationalism, far from it. This is imperialism, the most deceitful. Because who propagandize this abomination doesn’t it openly, but hidden behind Boer flags, using Boer mottos, at Boer monuments. “They went out from us but they were not of us” (John 2:19). Because who doesn’t have a Boer spirit isn’t a Boer. Many “false teachers” have marked the history of the white man in southern Africa.

Talking about Boer-Afrikaner nation, using the two terms as synonyms, when the majority of the Afrikaners (with reference to Afrikaans-speaking whites, Boer and not-Boer) haven’t been Trekboers, didn’t participate in the Great Trek, and have fought for the British Empire against the Boer Republics, is an absurdity, that serves only to one thing: to destroy a true nationalism for a false nationalism.
The Trekboer wars; the migration of the Voortrekkers; the Blood River Vow; the Boer republics; the Wars of Liberation, the people died in British concentration camps; are a heritage and an exclusive property of only one nation: the Boer nation, the only white nation of Africa. The whites who want an own nation in southern Africa have only one way: assimilate themselves (when are similar and assimilable) to the Boers, in the Boer nation. To be Boer.

The objectives of VVK, revealed by the same Paul Kruger at the UNPO (Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization), show they are unrelated to the history and to the spirit of the Boer nation. The road indicated by VVK isn’t the Boerestaat (the only true Volkstaat, the independent state on the lands of the Boer Republics), but “Orania” (a small town of Azania on the lands that were once of the British Empire), the same “policies” of VF+ and Carel Boshoff. And there, perhaps, as the Boshoffs, to receive Malema and Zuma with honours and smiles.
Those who doesn’t want a Boer state, those who doesn’t want the Boer nation, can’t use its history. Is a heritage that doesn’t belong to them, because they have renounced to it.

Does UNPO know the history of peoples and nations who it says it should represent? Obviously not. Because Afrikaners (with reference to Afrikaans-speaking whites) aren’t a nation, as aren’t a nation all English-speaking whites.
The International Criminal Court, if it ever had any use, should order to Paul Kruger to suspend its effort to deny the existence of the Boer nation, because also that is a form of genocide.
Paul Kruger, seeing that you went to the International Criminal Court, have to do only one thing: try to give yourself up.