Why a Volksregister, why VVK? - Marietjie Smuts PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 01 March 2011 18:32

New World Order

22nd November 2010.

Because it’s a “birth-certificate”, a legal identity document, necessary to sign away your property!

The Boere Republics still belongs to the Boerevolk - but if the Boerevolk publically, in a country wide “election” admits they are one and the same as the so called synthetic Afrikaner nation, created by the Afrikanerbond, themselves part and parcel of the NOW [New World Order. Ed.], or even worse, they are now called the Boere-Afrikaners - then we will lose all claim to our property! And whomever is placed at the “steering wheel” of this nation, will be able to sign away our rights, forever! Irrevocably!!!!!!!

Let me use an example!!!!!

Ireland, the legendary unruly people who would not bow to any foreign king, is now also bought by the NWO, with no turning back – they have signed over all control, forced to their knees... […]

Yup, eventually everybody will sign away their freedom - like your house that the bank can take away if you default? Did you know the WWF (yes, the so-called wildlife fund) owns almost all of Africa? And that the WWF is owned by the Bilderbergers? So, who do you think really own all of Africa? The IMF is just another one of their fronts. They give you money, you give your everything as collateral. They know you wont be able to cough up what they asked, so they smile because they know you are just looking after their property...
Now you may know why the Boerevolk must be killed off - every last one!
Because our Republics are still not pawned to the devil, because the devil does not have ownership yet - not as long as we are still alive and claiming our birthright as Boers! But once we call ourselves Afrikaners, and the devil is the creator of the Afrikaner, we will officially become his property...!
The VVK is busy organising a country wide drive to register a “legal Afrikaner volk” who will be able to sign away our property legally, because our misguided people are going to fall for the careful scheming of those Afrikanerbond adders, and authorise them to take control... They are going to LEGALLY, through a loophole, by admitting they are Afrikaners and not Boere, by DEFAULT and at the absence of the Boerevolk as a nation - because they supposedly no longer exist, or they are supposedly one and the same as the Afrikaners, sign away their birthright!
Yes, the VVK is a pot of lentill soup!!!!!!
And my heart is crying because my people are once again taken for a ride because of their misplaced trust in people with feet of clay.... Politicians... Wolves in sheep’s clothes...

Yes, now we “need” a “volksregister”... Why? Because the “volksregister” will be used like an “identity document” of the Boerevolk - or by default Afrikaner - or even worse the baster nation the Boere-Afrikaner! Just to steal ownership! And whomever is placed in charge, will be entitled to sign it away!
There goes our everything...