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Thursday, 19 May 2011 14:12

South Africa. Boer genocide“More blood of the Boers has been spilt in recent times than during all the Boer wars put together. Not even Dingaan in his worst savage insanity had thought of torturing our women to death with broken bottles”.
Terre’Blanche, 2009.














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White genocide: Jeanette Odendaal (26th April 2011)

News from and Boer Genocide

On 26 April, Jeanette Odendaal (45 y.o.), an unarmed white woman, was parked outside the police station inside her car on Tuesday night. She was calling 10111 (crime reporting call centre) on her cellphone just moments before a black Kempton Park police-sergeant shot her at close range, killing her.

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White genocide: André van der Merwe (30th April 2011)

André van der MerweNews from Beeld and Genocide on Boers

André (Brood) van der Merwe (49 y.o.), a farmer of Ottosdal, Transvaal (cultural genocide of the Boer nation: Azania, the capitalist-communist empire of southern Africa, changed the name of that area in “North West province”), was murdered inside his farm house on Saturday night, 30th April 2011. At about 8pm three suspects entered in the farm of van der Merwe. They held him at gunpoint while they ransacked the house for money. They shot him in the chest, the back, and in the head, then used his pickup to drag him for about 1.2km before the pickup rolled.






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White genocide: Hester van der Berg (3rd May 2011)

News from Censorbugbear Reports and

The Port Elizabeth Herald reports that Mrs Hester van der Berg (80 y.o.) was found beaten to death on her smallholding. She was left in her garage after the attack. The smallholding is located in Recreation street in the smallholding enclave of Theescombe (south-east of Port Elizabeth). She had wounds on the back of her head and left eye as well as bruises on all of her ribs.

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White genocide: Antjie Parken (4th May 2011)

News from Beeld and Censorbugbear Reports

A white woman, Mrs. Antjie Parken (73 y.o.), and her black farm worker Thomas Thsabalala, are murdered on 4 May in Ellisras, Transvaal. Azania, the new capitalist-communist empire that reigns over the nations of southern Africa, changed the name of the region in “Northern Transvaal”, then in “Northern Province”, and then in “Limpopo”; to the town it changed the name in “Lephalale” in 2002. This also Boer genocide.
Mrs Antjie Parken was found dead, strangled and stabbed.

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Whites under attack: Alje and Annemarie van Deemter (7th May 2011)

Alje van DeemterNews from Volksblad and Censorbugbear Reports

Alje (70 y.o) and Annemarie van Deemter (70), survive hammer attacks in Bloemspruit, near Bloemfontein, in the Orange Free State (the new Empire has changed the name of that region in “Free State”. Another type of genocide...).
The couple was attacked on Saturday morning in their smallholding.
Mrs Van Deemter suffered serious bruise-injuries. The assailant wore a balaclave.








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Whites under attack: Lina Coetzee (7th May 2011)

Lina CoetzeeNews form Censorbugbear Reports and FarmiTracker

Source: “Die Ghaap” newspaper - In a shocking racist assault, on Postmasburg (in northern Cape) a black man walked into a women’s ward past the black patients, straight up to a white patient, Mrs Lina Coetzee (85 y.o.), and brutally beat her up. Her bruised face and bloodied pillow are silent testimony to the vicious assault. The frail old lady was brought to hospital that morning with a broken hip and was unable to defend herself.






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Whites under attack: Neil Lovegrove (9th May 2011)

News from Beeld and FarmiTracker

Neil Lovegrove (52 y.o), was attacked on May 9 at 11am his homestead in Kameeldrift-West, Pretoria, by a black man in blue overalls bashed him over the head with a large boulder. The blow swept him off his feet, the black man just kicked and beat him repeatedly and then ran away with his cellphone. The attackers got into his property by cutting a wire-fence.
Neil Lovegrove is survived second attack. Two years ago he also was attacked by heavily-armed black men.

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White genocide: Avelene Botes (12th May 2011)

News from Volksblad and FarmiTracker

Mrs Avelene Botes (about 50 y.o.), was kidnapped by five hard-core armed black criminals during their escape from the local magistrate’s court on May 11 2011; she was taken on a wild ride – and died in hospital after her Mercedes crashed at high speed into a shop wall in Bluegumbush (about 365km south of Pretoria).

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Whites under attack: Annie and Mel Wilmans (13th May 2011)

News from Beeld and

Annie Wilmans (72 y.o.) and her husband Mel (77), were overpowered by three attackers when they left their home in Brixton, Johannesburg, on Friday May 13.
One man stabbed Mr Wilmans with a screwdriver in the right leg. His ribs, chest and back were also hurt. The attackers threatened to cut off the finger of Mrs Wilmans with her butter knife if they couldn’t get her wedding ring off.

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White genocide: Henry Herley (14th May 2011)

Henry HerleyNews from Beeld and FarmiTracker

Henry Herley (21 y.o.) body was found in the kitchen of his house, in Trichardt near Secunda, where he lived with his parents. Neighbours had heard shots fired at the Herley home early on Saturday morning. His pickup is missing.
Henry’s parents were away for the weekend.