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Saturday, 04 June 2011 15:17


Published on 20th May 2011

Die Redakteur van ‘n Nasionalistiese weekblad in Swede, tesame met n joernalis, is tans in SA met ‘n feitesending op toer.

In sy eie woorde:

I am the editor of the Swedish nationalist weekly newspaper Nationell Idag (Nationalist Today). During 12 to 26 May, I will be visiting South Africa to learn more about the situation for the White minority and the organisations that defend White interests. I will travel together with our best journalist, Sanna Hill.

Ons het die voorreg gehad om Donderdag 19 Mei saam met hulle in Maders te eet en oor gedeelde problematiek en wedersydse oplossings te praat.
Ter inleiding van die gesprek is die volgende skrywe namens die BVR aan Vavra Suk, oorhandig.

19 May 2011
The Editor,
Nationell Idag,

Dear Vávra,
Thank you for making contact with the people of the Boerevolk. It is a real privilege to meet with you.
We would like to bring the following under your attention.
1. Under the previous Government, the reproach and accusation were APARTHEID and the lack of real democracy, as the people of colour did not have the privilege to vote and black people could not travel in n “White” bus or train, or use a (indoors)“White toilet”

The facts are that under the “Pre-94-Government” notwithstanding the complaints of “Apartheid”, ALL people had efficient services, ample work, effective infrastructure, a safe neighborhood a healthy environment and all people could look forward to a future in South Africa.

2. Under the Post-94-Regime, APARTHEID is effectively replaced by a “real democracy”, as the people of colour have the privilege to vote and black people can travel in “Non-racial” busses or trains and are allowed to use a (indoors or in the open-sic) “non-racial toilet”. Practically, Whites can no more make use of these facilities, because of the risk of being robbed or killed on a bus or a train.

The facts are that the “Post-94-Regime” delivered progress, wealth and advantage, to a small circle of privileged “struggle heroes and nepotistic favourites”. Unfortunately, contrary to the “Apartheid Government” the ordinary man on the street, lacks efficient services, 50% are without work, suffers totally defective infrastructure, a crime riddled and totally unsafe neighborhood an environment where raw sewage runs along the streets and into all the main rivers. Only a small percentage of the people living in SA can look forward to a future in South Africa.

3. The ANC Regime went out of its way to make life for a White man in SA, as difficult as possible. The opportunities and future of a WAM has been minimised to zero.

4. Ideology (to promote Black over White,) has been promoted out of balance to
Food production

5. Murdering, raping and humiliating White people of the Boerevolk, is part of the lifestyle in SA. The Government turns a blind eye and the Police Who should protect us, are taking part in this campaign of HATE and Genocide against the Boerevolk.

To summarise, APARTHEID before 1994, was changed to WHITEHATE after 1994.

Dr Johan (Lets Pretorius)
President van die BVR

Before 1994, Apartheid. After 1994, White genocide