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Friday, 15 July 2011 08:45

“Volkstaat.org” has been invited to hold a little space about the Boer nation at the 5th Return to Camelot, a historic initiative of the cultural association Veneto Fronte Skinheads (VFS, Veneto Skinheads Front), addressed to all the different realities that define themselves as “nationalist”. The event, which is repeated periodically since 1991, has become an important meeting, to Italian and European level.
The invitation of the VFS is the first (and so far only) received from “Volkstaat.org”. Today, contrary to what was in the past, Boer nationalism, unlike others (such as Tibetan and Irish), does not enjoy widespread popularity, probably because it doesn’t conform to the capitalist-communist doctrine of “political correctness”. But every (true) nation has right to independence, even those who have a spirit and a culture incomprehensible to us.
Who (of any political beliefs) wants to give space to the Boer independentist reasons, can invite us. Today, “Volkstaat.org” thanks the VFS, and confirms its presence at the 5th Return to Camelot in order to promote the Boer independentist cause.
The fifth edition of “Return to Camelot” will be held on September 2-3-4, 2011. The picture below was made by the VFS.

Return to Camelot, 2-3-4 September 2011