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Monday, 18 July 2011 08:30

Abel Malan (48 y.o.), Vice-President of the Verkenners Movement and candidate of the Volksraad Verkiesing Kommissie (VVK, the white Afrikaner Electoral Commission for the “Volksraad”) was arrested by police of the Southern African Empire in Stellenbosch, Thursday, July 14, at the Philosophy Department of the University of Stellenbosch (43 km west of Cape Town), for to have attacked, or tried to attack, prof. Anton van Niekerk (57 y.o). The reason for the dispute would be attributable to an article by Van Niekerk, in Afrikaans Media24, extremely critical and offensive about the military commitment of the whites in the South African Border War. Van Niekerk, however, wasn’t injured.

An empire (as “South Africa” is, from 1902) is always illegal, and the authority exercised by it is always unlawful. For this, the arrest of Abel Malan is illegitimate.
Detention in prison, in general, forcing the man in a very unnatural situation, that you don’t wish on anyone. Specifically, the detention of Abel Malan seems exaggerated, the action performed by him (right or wrong) don’t injured no one and nothing suggest that he could reiterated it.
That said, the disinformation campaign that the Verkenners Movement, the Volksraad Verkiesing Kommissie, and the same Abel Malan (belonging to both organizations), are leading in southern Africa, so the Boer nation would be only one component of a bigger “white Afrikaner” nation (based on race and language), is a real act of genocide against Boer. Surely the vast majority of people in these organizations are absolutely “good faith”, but their work does not serve the nation, destroy it. The “white Afrikaner” nation doesn’t exist, the so-called “white Afrikaner nationalism” was invented by international capitalism, to consolidate the Union of South Africa (British Dominion), in an anti-Boer (independentist) point of view. Exploiting the history and the flags of the Boer nation, for a nation different from the Boer one, is high treason. It is an insult to those who, for the Boer nation, lived, died, or are in prison for years.
This strategy is old, rotten. It is the same as that used by Carel Boshoff, Constand Viljoen and the Vryheidsfront, only to end up in Orania, or in the parliament of the New Empire. But these pages of history are remembered by few, and to tell by very few.
The Boer-Afrikaner “nation” is a nonsense, which promotes the identity crisis that afflicts the biological descendants of the Boer nation, and the whites of southern Africa. It would be like talking about the European-English “nation”. It doesn’t exist. There’s the English nation only.

The action of Abel Malan and his imprisonment, promptly unleashed Verkenners and VVK, who have portrayed him as a “hero” and were activated to facilitate his immediate release. A very quick reaction time, that they, in contrast, didn’t show when the Cmdt. Willem Ratte ended up in prison. In that case they became active after 22 days, despite the former soldier (62 years), a man of unbending principles, was on hunger strike since his arrest.
The action of Abel Malan, though less physical, remember us that of a Boer nationalist who, at Paardekraal, February 17, 2011, made bleed the nose of Paul Kruger, the President of the VVK. In that case, however, the VVK found nothing “heroic” about the action, and decried it as an act of violence perpetrated by “provocateur agents” (it seems that, for VVK, Boer nationalists are “provocateur agents”). Conversely, the figure of Paul Kruger bleed, was used to portray him as a “martyr”. On that occasion Piet “Skiet” Rudolph, the historical Boer nationalist, ended up in prison, but that did not seem at all a problem for the so-called white Afrikaner “nationalists”, who lost no opportunity to discredit him. Not “heroic”, surely, was the behaviour of other VVK members or sympathizers, which always February 17, at Paardekraal, cursed, attacked and spit in the face of Piet “Skiet”, a man of 74 years old, diabetic, with vision problems.
To spit in the face of Piet “Skiet” Rudolph, the last icon of the Boer nation, is like to spit on the Vierkleur. And in hindsight, this is precisely what the VVK makes. That uses the Vierkleur, but as the international capitalism, when placed it inside the Prinsevlag to give life to an anti-Boer artificial nationalism.

The VVK is basically a creature of Verkenners. And Verkenners appear as a new form of Afrikaner Broederbond (the “Afrikaner Brotherhood”), a kind of white Afrikaner Freemasonry, which works to confuse the true nationalism (Boer) with a false (white Afrikaners). Just as the Freemasons, usually, work to confuse Good with Evil.

Abel Malan is in prison, but he will be released soon. Abel Malan isn’t a Boer. Because if he were, do not call himself otherwise. The blood isn’t enough to be part of a nation.
Volkstaat.org, which supports the Boer nationalism, prefer to think to the Boer nationalists, to those who are in prison, and not a few days, but for many years. Those for whom the VVK, the Verkenners, and other so-called white Afrikaner “nationalists”, don’t move a finger.
Volkstaat.org captures precisely this occasion to renew its solidarity to all Boer prisoners, and in particular to Clifton Barnard “Cliffie”, to Liebrecht Myburgh “Koper” and to AWB-Brig. PW Nel. Cliffie and Koper have been in prison since 1997, Pieter Willem was sentenced in 2000.
Volkstaat.org became aware that the wife of “Cliffie” lives in economic hardship. This is something unworthy, shameful, that the wife of a prisoner of war, for 14 years in jail (not a weekend!), isn’t helped by their countrymen. But “Cliffie” is a Boer, not a “white Afrikaner”.
As soon as possible Volkstaat.org try to organize a small collection. To help the woman of a Boer soldier in captivity, is the best gift that a friend of the Boer nation can do to himself.

The following photo shows a banner, made in Italy by “Volkstaat.org” and sent, the 19th of November 2010, to the Verkenners. The banner calling for the release of “Cliffie” and all Boer patriots. Unfortunately, it wasn’t exhibited in southern Africa.
But the mistake was by “Volkstaat.org”, in the choice of the Movement. “White Afrikaners” don’t have Boer prisoners on their priorities.

Free Cliffie! Free all Boer patriots!