Marais Bouwer (“Balmoral 10”) sentenced - Persecution of Boer patriots PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 27 July 2011 15:39

Sgt. Major Eugene Becker and Cmdt. Willem Ratte with their lawyer, Jurg Prinsloo

Monday, July 25, at the court of Witbank (in 2006 the capitalist-communist Empire of southern Africa has changed the name of the town in “eMalahleni”), Jacobus Marais Bouwer (31 y.o.), one of the men arrested on September 30, 2010, at Balmoral together with Cmdt. Ratte, was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment for possession of firearms, plus 12 months for bullets, and an additional 6 months for not having kept in an appropriate manner. All this for to being found in possession of two rifles, one .22, inherited as a boy after the murder of his parents, shot dead by four men armed with AK47s. The sentence was suspended for five years.
Jacobus Marais Bouwer, with respect to the allegations mentioned above, preferred to plead “guilty” from the legal point of view. Sgt. Major Eugene Becker will do the same, with regard to the possession of another rifle. The trial, for the remaining 9, will resume in September.

The courts of the Empire of southern Africa does not have jurisdiction over the Boer nation. Only the Boer nation have authority over the Boer nation.
The persecution of Boer patiots, perpetrated by the regime, it seems organic to the genocide that exterminating them: culturally, spiritually and physically.

Free all Boer prisoners!