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Monday, 05 September 2011 09:04

The following letter, was read [in Italian] at “Camelot” by “Maccio” (editor of “”), Saturday, September 3, 2011, at the conference “Ideas and communities, on the streets and on the web”. Subsequently, the document was available in Italian and English, at the stall of “” for the Boer nation.


Return to Camelot
by Piet “Skiet” Rudolph

My fellow White men and nationalist brethren, I salute you on the occasion of the gathering of the Return to Camelot.

Although I am a Boer, I can identify wholeheartedly with you in your aspirations and visions for our race.

I am grateful to my fellow compatriot Maccio who is doing so much to inform our White family of the plight and freedom struggle of the almost forgotten “White tribe of Africa.”

In 1899-1902 my small and gallant tribe took on, at that time, a mighty British Empire in a war of attrition for the gold and diamonds of our soil. When the war was over 24 000 children and 3 000 women were killed in concentration camps, dying of hunger and inflictions of serious violations of human rights upon them.

That war was waged against the two small Boer Republics of the Transvaal and the Orange Free State. Young boys and old and sick men were thrown on ships and removed from their fatherland under the pretext that they can advance the war effort of the Boers. Property were burned to the ground, cattle and other live stock bayoneted and any possible shelter destroyed. Fellow countrymen turned against their own blood having been bought by the British for a mere pittance. Blacks were used against the Boers and allowed to commit the most heinous crimes. Nevertheless, our fathers succeeded therein to keep the British at bay, aided and abetted by White compatriots all over the world. We lost our countries, our independence and we lost our flags.

We have never regained our freedom and today it looks like a lost cause. Our struggle for independence and the reinstatement of our land is still in its infant shoes, having been misled by the British and our leaders in 1910, that the Union of South Africa, created out of the previous Boer Republics and the two British Colonies, were in essence a form of self determination. It was not. Nothing more than a cleverly devised form of tacit British rule. So was the Republic of South Africa created by the politicians on the same shape and size of the old Union in 1961. On its turn it was handed on a platter to the ANC by Afrikaner politicians and turncoats.

To assist us our white brothers came from afar, from Ireland, Scotland, noble men from France, Italy and Russia. Many lost their lives on the African soil to further our Boer cause.

One such nobleman was Camillo Ricchiardi who was born at Alba, in the western Italian Alps and who died in January 21, 1940 at Casa Blanca in Morocco. He studied at the military Academies of Modena, Udine and Pinorolo, commissioned in 1887 as officer of the 4th Cavalry Regiment. He went to Saluzzo as Captain of the Royal Piedmontese Cavalry, to become military advisor of the king of Siam in 1891.

In 1899 he came to South Africa and after the death of the French nobleman, general De Villebois Mareuil he was appointed Commander of the Foreign Corps. Wounded in action at Colenso and hospitalised in Pretoria where he met his South African born wife. After his recovery Ricchiardi went to Switzerland to visit President Kruger who was living in exile. Kruger declared that he was born under the British Flag but he was not prepared to die under it. He died in Switzerland. His corpse was taken to South Africa to be buried in Pretoria. The British tried to prevent this by setting fire to the church on Church Square.

Allow me to conclude by thanking you for your support. Whether the Boers will rise again to take possession of their land, remains to be seen. Due to many movements and organisations purporting to be Nationalists and furthering the Boer cause divisions are created that is almost impossible to breach. A simple test for these divisionists, however is for them to answer the simple question about freedom and where.

As far as I am concerned as a Boer Republican, our struggle must continue and whether we attain our ideals in my lifetime, is immaterial. We are faced with almost unsurmountable obstacles, but in the words of a British poet: For how can man die better facing fearful odds for the ashes of his Fathers and the temples of his gods.

Letter of Piet "Skiet" Rudolph (in English and Italian) at "Return to Camelot" 2011