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Wednesday, 07 September 2011 13:36

Stall of "Volkstaat.org" for the Boer nation, at Camelot 2011See: Volkstaat.org at Camelot (2011) - photos

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th September 2011, in Revine Lago (northern Italy), was held the 5th edition of “Return to Camelot”, historic initiative of the cultural association Veneto Fronte Skinheads (VFS, Veneto Skinheads Front), addressed to all the different realities that define themselves as “nationalist”. More than 1,600 nationalists attended the three-days, coming from all countries of Europe. “Volkstaat.org”, invited by VFS to participate, was present from early Friday morning, with a small stall dedicated to the Boer nation.
At the stall of “Volkstaat.org” waved the Vierkleur; a large number of documents were available in paper format; three banners were hung; and were exposed various panels, each with articles and images, developing various topics: the Boer nation; the White Genocide and the Boer Genocide; Boer prisoners; stop the VVK. All documents was in English and in Italian.
A memorial panel, black, remebered the last martyrs of the Boer nation (1991-2010).
A fourth banner, about 9 meters long, and bearing the inscription “Free Boer nation”, stood on one of the “squares” of  “Camelot”.
On Saturday morning, at the conference of Italian associations, the editor of “Volkstaat.org” spent some words about the Boer cause, and then reading a beautiful letter to Camelot by Piet “Skiet” Rudolph, the last living icon of the Boer nation. The letter was then displayed and distributed at the “Volkstaat.org” stall, in original version (English) and in Italian translation.
At the stall was also active a raising funds for to help the wife of “Cliffie”, Boer prisoner of war, which contributed many people of different nationalities.
Many people, from all parts of Europe (Scotland, England, Germany, Spain, France, Ireland, Switzerland, Serbia, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, etc..) visited the stall dedicated to the Boer nation.
Various Italian associations have stopped at the stall of “Volkstaat.org”, showing themselves sensitive and interested in the Boer cause. Some of them, from different towns, would hold conferences on the matter, to which they would like to have “Volkstaat.org” editor among speakers.
During the great concert of the Saturday night, the “Gesta Bellica” (an Italian musical band), played a their old song, dedicated to the Boers and to the AWB flag.
Some Venetian newspapers have spoken about the presence at “Camelot” of a stall dedicated to the Boer nation, and a Venetian TV has also showed the main banner: “Free Boer nation”.
About “Return to Camelot” (as international event) has spoken, in general terms, TG1 RAI, the Italian television’s main news bulletin, on which was interviewed the VFS spokesperson.

By Volkstaat.org editor:
“Pancho”, a historic VFS member, asked me to give a message to the Boers. Simple words, deep, and full of meaning, which I delivered to Piet “Skiet” Rudolph, and that I forward to all you: “Hold on”.