Camelot 2011: fundraising for the wife of “Cliffie” (Boer prisoner of war) PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 09 September 2011 10:16

Raising funds for the wife of “Cliffie”, Boer prisoner of warAt the stall of at Camelot, was also active a raising funds to help the wife of “Cliffie”, Boer prisoner of war. It was great to see so many people, of different nationalities, often with virtually no money, come close to give a contribution. Some of them didn’t spoke neither English nor Italian, but understood the message: and they gave a donation. Ohers again, each time were some coins in pocket, returned to the stall, and deposited them in the box.
Simple gestures, but capable of touching.
Thank you. At all.
In total in Camelot were collected: 171.29 euros. More 11.85 Swiss francs in coins (about 10.00 euros) and 11 Czech crowns in coins (approximately 0.50 euros). Unfortunately, it seems that Italian banks (…) do not accept to change / deposit non-euro coin (sic).
However, the total amount collected in Camelot is about 181.79 euros.
Approximately 200.00 euros (about 2 014.08 Rand) will be sent shortly to the wife of “Cliffie”; at the confirmation of the transfer, a message will be posted on the website.
Thanks to all.

Free all Boer prisoners!

Panel about Boer prisoners

Banner for independence of the Boer nation at Camelot 2011