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Tuesday, 13 September 2011 09:55

Welcome in South Africa

Julius Malema, President of the ANCYL, the ANC Youth League, Saturday, September 10, declared “economic war” to “white minority” of southern Africa. And also: “We are going to reclaim what is ours from the white minority”; “They have stolen our land. They are criminals and must be treated like that. We want our land back and we want it for free”.
But the ANC, Malema’s party, already reigns over all the nations of southern Africa, and by almost 17 years. An empire, that of today, which has the same size and the same borders of the Union of South Africa, created in 1910 after that international capitalism, by British military force, in the 1902, had annexed the Boer Republics to the British colonies in southern Africa. All empires: all absolutely illegal. Only the Boer nation has jurisdiction over the Boer nation.
The concept that the whole Africa belongs to a race only, is a racist concept, because anti-nationalist and anti-historical. With regard to southern Africa, the first inhabitants were not even blacks. The history of southern Africa (an immense area) is made up of different regions, different peoples and different nations. Racism (yesterday “white” –  with reference to skin colour only - now black) is often served as an imperial weapon, to give life to an artificial “nationalism”, in anti-nationalist function, in order to create and keep alive some empires.
In southern Africa there is a white African nation: the Boer nation, who didn’t stole its land to anyone. Just as there are other nations, not black, but absolutely African, such the Griquas and the Khoisans ones.
The “black racism” among the ranks of the south African communists, although tragic, is grotesque in the light of history, if we remember the real origins of the communism (also) in southern Africa.

Julius Malema, until now, has been defended by leaders of the ANC, although he has often sung in public “Shoot the Boer”, a very racist and violent song, which appears in the repertoire of the African National Congress. Although the song seems to be the soundtrack of the White Genocide, ongoing in southern Africa, ANC has always defended it, as its “traditional song” of “liberation”.

During a demonstration of Julius Malema’s supporters in Johannesburg, the 30 August 2011, appeared the banner below: “South Africa for Blacks only”. A clearly racist banner, in line, on the other, with imperial policies that discriminate whites in the (imperial) work market, and with White Genocide in southern Africa.

ANC supporters: South Africa for Blacks only. Johannesburg, 30 August, 2011

It should be remembered, also, that the concept of “South Africa” (understood as a single state in southern Africa) is an imperialist concept, born from international capitalism when moves British Empire to conquer the Boer Republics.

Black PowerShown here, a poster promoting an initiative of the international organization “Uhuru Solidarity Movement”, scheduled for next September 21 in St. Petersurg, Florida (USA). That organization, on the same positions of the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC), works to affirm “Black Power” over the whole Africa, for them: only blacks are Africans and all Africa would belong only to blacks; so wouldn’t exist different black African nations, but only one black “nation”, based on the race. All these concepts are racist, anti-nationalist, imperialist, and are of capitalist-communist origin.
Omali Yeshitela, founder of the “Uhuru Solidarity Movement”, in December 2002 gave a speech in Umtata, Transkei (southern Africa), to the 8th Congress of the PAC.
The poster in question, also shows two young white girls (their nationality is not given) holding a placard reading “White solidarity with black power”. A (black) racist propaganda, which uses those who want to subjugate (the whites), to try to give credit to its thesis.
The psychological condition for which the victim identifies with the aggressor is known as “Stockholm Syndrome”. Given the situation of Genocide, it is natural to assume, now, is a condition that is suffered by many whites in southern Africa.