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Wednesday, 14 September 2011 14:06

Free Clive Derby-Lewis

The Department of Correctional Services of the new capitalist-communist Empire of southern Africa, has asked the family of Clive Derby-Lewis - anti-communist fighter of 75 years old detained in the imperial prisons - to cough-up 80,000 Rand to transport him to hospital and for his security needs.
Not only the imperial regime denies freedom to all different nations of southern Africa, not only held in prison the freedom fighters: it also denying care to them.
Derby-Lewis was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2010, and now has been diagnosed with heart failure.
In a letter, Gaye Derby-Lewis, wife of Clive, explains how her husband was supposed to have been admitted to hospital two weeks ago. But the department’s 80,000 Rand demand prevented this. She asked prison management why they were asking for payment when this was not done on the previous occasions.

Clive Derby-LewisClive Derby-Lewis were sentenced to death (the sentence was commuted to life imprisonment when the death penalty abolished) for the murder of Chris Hani, executed in 1993 by Janusz Waluś.
Chris Hani wasn’t a pacifist and wasn’t a freedom fighter. He was a communist who wanted to imprison all nations of southern Africa under a single regime. And for this aim he fought and killed. Until someone killed him.
Janusz Waluś, an anti-communist Polish emigrated in South Africa, the 10th April 1993, shot and killed Chris Hani. The gun used had been supplied by Clive Derby-Lewis, of the Konserwatiewe Party (KP, in English: Conservative Party).
The murder of Hani, the intent of the two, was aimed to stopping the process undertaken by international capitalism, to deliver power to ANC all over the entire region.

Free Clive Derby-Lewis!
Free all Boer prisoners!