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Wednesday, 02 November 2011 13:54

Terre'Blanche, 1986The ANCYL (the Youth League of ANC, the party that rules the Empire of southern Africa since 1994) has called again for the – PARTIAL - "nationalization" of southern Africa mines. Recently, the ANCYL has presented a document-list where, in addition to present certain economic demands to mining companies, criticizes them for having “oppressed and super-exploited blacks”.

The ANCYL forget that if southern Africa is now an empire - which submits all nations - and that Empire is ruled just by ANC is mainly due to mining companies. It was in fact the international capitalism to works to ensure that political power over whole southern Africa was given to the ANC. No wonder: communism and capitalism generally have same roots and same goals.

Only nations can "nationalize" and can nationalize only what historically belong to them. Empires do not nationalize: steal and confiscate.
South Africa's natural resources belong to different nations of southern Africa, not to the imperial regime of the ANC.

South African mining companies owe a lot of their wealth to the war of conquest that international capitalism, through British military force, unleashed against the Boer republics. A savage war, made up of concentration camps and mass extermination. These resources must be returned to their rightful owners: the Boer nation.
Other than "oppressed and super-exploited," the Boers (who are whites) were murdered: their farms burned, their families deported. 50% of the Boer child population of that time died in the  concentration camps.

Communists and capitalists speak the same language, that of bullies, and advance the same claims: all illegitimate.

It is good to remember and reaffirm today what the AWB claimed, already in 1979:
As for the economy, the AWB declared itself very much in favour of the nationalisation of natural resources in order to take away control of the mineral wealth from the "volks alien companies." It also advocated that control of basic industries by foreign companies should be stopped, and in certain instances these industries should be nationalised. Land owned by foreigners should be confiscated for communal use and speculation in land should be outlawed.
(from “Victory or Violence – The story of the AWB of South Africa”, by Arthur Kemp).