South Africa: Juan van Zyl e Günther Kotze are still in jail PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 11 December 2011 17:16

Juan van Zyl and Günther Kotze

Juan van Zyl (48 y.o.) and Günther Kotze (31), the Boers arrested in Naboomspruit by the Empire of southern Africa, remain in prison. After being shown in chains like animals, and criminalized by the regime's media with grotesque accusations, no longer heard about them. The Boers in jail don’t make the news. They disappear. Their names should not be remembered. Their stories and their dramas don't have to involve anyone. As if they were not human beings. Even this is Genocide.
Only the Rapport, yesterday, seems to have devoted a few lines to this story, and only to denigrate Günther Kotze. Even this is Genocide. The only true news is that for now has not been granted bail; and the two Boers remain in the prisons of the Empire.

Juan van Zyl and Günther Kotze. Boers in chains

Free Juan van Zyl and Günther Kotze!
Free all Boer prisoners!