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Friday, 30 December 2011 20:06

Olaf Jasiński “Trzymaj sie Bracie / Stay Strong Brother”In 2010 Olaf Jasiński (Poland) and the Kamaedzitca (Belarus) have produced a song dedicated to Janusz Waluś, prisoner of war of Polish origin jailed in southern Africa. The song was performed in a Polish version, “Trzymaj sie Bracie”; and in an English version, “Stay Strong Brother”.
The two versions are available on CD “Trzymaj sie Bracie / Stay Strong Brother” of Olaf Jasiński, a collection of 10 songs of various European nationalist artists.
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POW support - Элитное братствоThe song “Trzymaj sie Bracie” was performed also in a rock version, by October 15 (which Olaf Jasinski is member), in the split album “Элитное братство” (in English: “Elite brotherhood”). Also this version is dedicated to Janusz Waluś.