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Monday, 02 January 2012 08:01

Stay strong Janusz Waluś - video by has released a video (in various versions) dedicated to Janusz Waluś, prisoner of war of Polish origin jailed in southern Africa, on the songs dedicated to him by Olaf Jasiński & the Kamaedzitca, and by the October 15.

The video, with English subtitles, is available in three versions:

Stay Strong Brother, video for Janusz Waluś
4'18”, on “Stay Strong Brother” (English)

Trzymaj sie Bracie, video for Janusz Waluś
4'19”, on “Trzymaj sie Bracie” (Polish)

Trzymaj sie Bracie (rock), video for Janusz Waluś
3'33”, on “Trzymaj sie Bracie [rock]” (Polish)

Who fight for freedom of his nation can’t be condemned.
Free all Boer prisoners!
Free Janusz Waluś!