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Monday, 06 February 2012 17:15

The White Genocide in southern Africa is hidden by the capitalist-communist media, faithful to the doctrine of “Political Correctness”.
At the international level politicians who care about it, in order to combat it, are rare exceptions. And for this they must be particularly thanked and supported.

In November 2011, three MEPs: Philip Claeys (Flanders), Andreas Mölzer (Austria) and Fiorello Provera (Italy), have submitted a written statement (0043/2011) to the European Parliament, to call attention to the White Genocide in southern Africa and in particular to the attacks on white farmers.

Stop the murdering of farmers in South Africa - Conference on 1 February, 2012On February 1, 2012, at the European Parliament, was held a conference entitled “Stop the murdering of farmers in South Africa” in support of this declaration. Hendrik (Henk) van De Graaf was invited at the conference as vice-president of the Transvaal Landbou Unie SA (TLU SA – Transvaal Agricultural Union of South Africa).

But Henk van De Graaf is also a so-called “white Afrikaner nationalist”.

The White Genocide in southern Africa is often denounced by white Afrikaners with policy initiatives. To fight White Genocide is absolutely right, but this should not be used to promote another kind of genocide: the Boer Genocide.

The so-called “white Afrikaner nationalists”, unfortunately, every time that speak against White Genocide, promoting concepts that are a clear attack on the Boer nation, as well as the history and the truth.
To make believe that the terms “Afrikaner” and “Boer” are synonyms: is Boer Genocide. To make believe that “Boer” means only “farmer” or “white Afrikaner farmer”, is Boer Genocide. To confuse Afrikaners; or white Afrikaners; or other peoples of southern Africa; with Boers, is Boer Genocide. To refer to the Boer history, calling it “Afrikaner”, is Boer Genocide. To consider unitarily the history of the whites of southern Africa is Boer Genocide.
To consider unitarily the history of Cape Dutch settlers (white Afrikaners) and Boers, calling all them “Afrikaners”, is Boer Genocide.

And this is what has done also by Hendrik (Henk) van De Graaf, at the European Parliament in Brussels, February 1, 2012.
Henk van De Graaf is the vice-president of TLU SA, but it is also a prominent member of the Verkennersbeweging; was a candidate of the VVK (Volksraad Verkiesing Kommissie, the Electoral Commission of white Afrikaners); and now is a “deputy” in the so-called “Boere-Afrikaner Volksraad” (“Boer-Afrikaner Parliament”).

The VVK, as well as the “parliament” that it has formed, is basically a creature of Verkenners. And Verkenners appear as a new form of Afrikaner Broederbond (the “Afrikaner Brotherhood”), a kind of white Afrikaner Freemasonry, which works to confuse the true nationalism (Boer) with a false (white Afrikaner).

Stop the murdering of farmers in South Africa - Conference on 1 February, 2012

And indeed, Henk Van De Graaf, after talked about White Genocide, with emphasis on the killing of white farmers (mainly Boers, but all passed off as “Afrikaners”), has spent the allotted time to promote the anti-Boer Afrikaner cause: the “small white Afrikaner parliament” of the VVK, and the right to self-determination for the “Afrikaner nation” (with reference to white Afrikaners). But a white Afrikaner nation has never existed. Therefore, to support this lie, is necessary to usurp a true history, that of the only white nation of Africa: the Boer nation. But the Boer nation, has never been the “Afrikaner nation”.

To tell the White Genocide in southern Africa, overcoming the resistance of the controlled media, it is right. But to spread information about the White Genocide in southern Africa DO NOT MEAN give voice to false nationalists, for DENY true nationalisms.

This must be clear: the false nationalisms will never free any nation. They are roads to nowhere, as Orania and the Vryheidsfront.

To delete the Boer identity, in the name of a “white Afrikaner” supranationalism, it would be like to try to erase the English, German, French or Netherlandish identity, in the name of an “European” supranationalism. True nationalists (of any continent) don't support the false nationalisms.

The struggle against White Genocide in southern Africa, does not need Freemasons and false nationalisms. Far from it! They are not the solution, they are part of the problem.

Henk van de Graaf and Nick GriffinVolkstaat.org thank all organizations and all European politicians who work against White Genocide, and are sensitive about the extermination of white farmers in southern Africa. Among these also Nick Griffin, the historical leader of the British National Party (BNP).
Volkstaat.org invites them to absolutely continue their activities against the White Genocide in South Africa, but also to become better informed about the history of the Boer nation, its rights and its claims.

Stop the White Genocide in southern Africa!
Stop the Boer Genocide!