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Book: Destroy the Spirit of UBUNTU, said the white Christian boss

The Bible rewritten to control the masses

The Bible rewritten by the white masters to control the masses.

Hence the introduction of the Bible, to be proven the most racially biased book of all ages, into all indigenous African languages. The original written text of the Bible was written ONLY for the white adamic race, and will be proven to the reader in due course.

These evil white manipulators rewrote passage upon passage of the Bible to create a non-racist love-all-races religion which they forced onto the African as Christianity.

These white manipulators went so far that they even accommodated the Black man’s gods into their translated Bibles! Take careful cognisance of the fact that ALL white theological scholars in the Semitic languages, Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek, know perfectly well that the Black man is being lied to. They have a thorough knowledge of the Semitic language and proudly display their university degrees in these languages.

How on earth could it be possible that the Black man never realised that he was being stripped naked of his ancestral UBUNTU spirits by a supposedly religion of love, but at the hard core, was a religion of racial exclusitivity.

We will further prove this statement to the reader, by examining the original text of the Bible, that was never given to the ordinary Black man on the street, for fear of reprisals. Should the African man ever get to know the REAL truth, they, the Jewish controlled white Christian churches would immediately cease to exist.

The secret and racist organisations aiding and funding this whole operation through the ages, never changed it’s objective. The white racist organisation, behind all control of the indigenous populations in their “commonwealth of nations” creation is the British Freemasonry organisation, based at their headquarters in London. Every British missionary was to be a member of this secret organisation. The power wielded by this organisation in South Africa today is even more intense than ever.

Up to a couple of years ago no non-white was allowed into the ranks of Freemasonry, but with the release of Nelson Mandela, these closet racists had to accommodate some token blacks, by the likes of Mandela himself as well as other black political and religious puppets of the white regime in London. Who they are, is not easy to find out. The secrecy of the Freemasonry is incredible. Specific actions of individuals could suggest that they have been incorporated into Freemasonry. The actions of Bishop Tutu, previously head of the Anglican Church, would make him a reasonable good suspect. However, the most black and coloured proselytes of white freemasonry would be found in the black financial sector. All directors and senior government officials are prime suspects. This game of freemasonry manipulation was played too often in the past. Even the Boer became victim to these manipulative carpetbaggers after their defeat in 1910. The Afrikaner was promised “a piece of the action” but never the whole action. That was reserved for the Jew and the British.

These century old secret Freemasonry doctrines were wholeheartedly taken up by the Afrikaanse Broederbond [Brotherhood] when the Afrikaner came to power. The Afrikaner overplayed his hand though, when he introduced the formal policy of Apartheid in 1948. This was not the objective of the masterminds seated in London, and they re-routed this apartheid-based policy of racial segregation back onto their original track by murdering Afrikaner leader, Hendrik Verwoerd and setting up their three stooges, John Vorster, PW Botha and FW de Klerk.

The Black man was so obsessed with political power, that he never realised that his REAL power, the ancestral spirit power of UBUNTU, was being destroyed by his own black religious leaders, they being the well paid puppets of the white Freemason theologians.

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