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Thursday, 23 February 2012 23:33

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Boer volk formally complaint against Zuma!!!

Andre VisagieAt each of our people that every day just see the the killing of our people, every one of you who say” someone should do something, these things can not continue “to everyone who has lost a loved one in these brutal murders, to everyone that know someone who has in such a tragedy involved, here there is the opportunity to come and see this government, the president of the SAP, charged by the Boer volk”!

Leave your meeting, leave your planned purchases, this is a great event in our history. “SOMEONE WILL DO NOW SOMETHING ABOUT THE MURDER OF OUR PEOPLE!”

BOER VOLK FORMAL COMPLAINT against Zuma and the ANC * NOW THE BOERS START *: On Friday at 14:30 at the Head Office of the Human Rights Commission in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, the Boer volk will take another step forwards to stop the murder of our people. At 14h30 * a formal complaint * will be lodged to the Human Rights Commission against * state President Jacob Zuma * that at the ANC celebrations in Bloemfontein early this year sang “Kill the Boer”, while it was widely known that the state courts found it to be hate speech, that can incite people to kill whites, so continue it to sing it means violate the provisions of the courts. The source of the incitement to murder the Boers, is located in the state. The Boers can now finally prove that state President Zuma isn’t their president, because an own state president shouldn’t call for the criminal murder of his own people. If the state call for the murder of the Boers it is senseless to think that the authorities and especially the police will prevent this genocide, or prosecute and or sentence such perpetrators of said crime.
This all coincide with the fact that the Geloftevolk Republikeine request to the Johannesburg municipality to hold a protest march, was welcomed (made impossible?) with the following conditions:

1. An application must be submitted for consideration 90 days before the march and

2. R 500,000 must be paid as deposit. Article 17 of the Costitution (as part of the Bill of Rights), explicitly grant the right to peaceful protest, but unlike the other Constitution articles, this law now reserved for those R ½ million pay.

It seems clear that some Constitutional rights - such as Article 11 (* Everyone has the right to life. *) are only applicable to the dark-skinned people of South Africa and some rights in the Bill of Rights are intended only for the rich.
In the first two months of this year's, 29 Boers were murdered by blacks and assaulted with intend to kill - an average of 15 people per month. We must therefore wait while another 45 men (15X3 months) Boer compatriots were murdered before we can protest by peaceful means to convince the Government to increase attention on the murders of the Boers as on the slaughter of rhino!!

* A second complaint * will be made * against the South African Police * for standing idly while racist and hate speech posters was shown at the murder trial of Eugene Terre'Blanche by blacks (“die Boere word gebleksem” [In English: “The Boers are taking a good and solid beating”. Ed]), but this words cheerfully ignored by the police, while we know that a poster in the hands of a white man with the words “Die ****** word geblesem” at a trial where a white man brutally murdered a black man, it would lead to in immediate arrest of the white man. In short, the police are just racist as the state President!!!!

* The third complaint * is against * the ANC government * for racist discrimination against whites in South Africa, who had nothing to do in the determination of policy, its implementation and the racial discrimination called apartheid - the only “wrong” that people have committed, is born with white skin!
It is the purest form of imaginable racism. Children born in 1990, do not even know what the word “apartheid” means, but now they are 22 y.o., with employment (especially in the public sector) discriminated against them on the basis of the colour of their skin.

A meeting or a march at the presentation of the petition Friday afternoon at the Human Rights Commission Head Office is based on the municipality's conditions therefore illegal, but many compatriots that support this submission of complaints, indicated that they want to be eyewitnesses to the handing over of said complaints to the Human Rights Commission's Head Office in Braamfontein. They said they will be there – the article 21 of the Bill of Rights (1) reads as follows: (the words in the Constitution * FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT AND RESIDENCE *) “Everyone has the right to freedom of movement”!!! It is not in our (the Boer volk's) power to prohibit to any people to be present there and therefore we can not prohibit their support by their presence demonstrate!!!!!

There will be no march or assembly. We will, in a lawful manner, without violence, lodge a complaint in the name of the Boer volk, to prevent any further bloodshed.

Boer greetings,
Andre Visagie

Contact Gen. Andre Nienaber
Cell. No. 0718779040