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Monday, 05 March 2012 14:48

Southern Africa: White Genocide and Boer GenocideOver the last few years some demonstrations were held around the world, against White Genocide in southern Africa. Since this is a racist but politically correct phenomenon (the whites are the victims), is completely obscured by controlled media, and so is little known. This is way, despite the seriousness of the phenomenon, the demonstrations were few and generally with fewer people.

These initiatives, although treating the same theme, the “White Genocide in southern Africa”, expressed very different positions, often in opposition to each other. In some demonstrations was waved the flag of the “new” Republic of South Africa (RSA - south African Empire), while in others it was burned; in some demonstrations flew high the flag of the Union of South Africa (created by international capitalism after have conquered the Boer Republics, which then evolved into the “old” RSA), while in other waved the flags of the Boer Republics.

The White Genocide in southern Africa is a racist phenomenon, so it can not be summed up by a national flag. Who attack whites don't discriminate them on the basis of their nationality.
It is also true, however, that in Africa there is only a white African volk, the Boer. And its national flags are the flags of the Boer Republics.

Cataloguing demonstrations against White Genocide in southern Africa
Observing which flags are waved, the political messages spread, and what political and media support are received, the demonstrations against the “White Genocide in southern Africa” can be catalogued into three categories:

Pro-empire demonstrations
Flag of the “new” Republic of South Africa (RSA - [“New”] south African empire).  Flag cataloged by as symbol of the Boer GenocideThe “White Genocide in southern Africa” is treated primarily as simple “crime” and the white farmers are defined primarily as “farmers”, as if it were not a racist phenomenon. The only flag allowed (officially and / or unofficially), or however present, is the one of the “new” empire of the RSA (flag cataloged by as symbol of the Boer Genocide).
These demonstrations, in which potential victims of the Genocide (the whites) waving symbols of the current regime, do not question about the legitimacy of the Empire of the RSA, conversely try - even if indirectly – to give it (although in vain, because all empires are illegitimates).
This type of demonstrations is supported by the political area near the Vryheidsfront Plus (VF +), the white Afrikaner (anti-Boer) party founded to support the establishment of the “new” RSA and present from always in the parliament of the “new” Empire, which seeks to translate the white discontent into votes.

To protest against the “White Genocide in southern Africa” and support the “new” RSA is a clear contradiction. Not only because it supports an illegitimate empire (as all empires), but because  supports a racist state, that discriminate, expropriate, and penalize whites, inciting to exterminate them.

Pro-white Afrikaner demonstrations
The terms “white Afrikaner” and “Boer” are confused, and mistakenly used as synonyms. Or are united, for to talk of “Boer-Afrikaner”, as if they were a single volk. A nonsense comparable to talk about “white European-British”: has never existed such nation. A volk has one identity and one history, not two. Indeed, in some cases, they pass the term “Boer” off as “farmer”, and not as a specific volk, with its history, and its Republics. This is because the so-called white Afrikaner “nationalism” must steal the identity and the history of a real volk (the Boer one), to have one.

Flag of the “old” Republic of South Africa (RSA - [“Old”] south African empire).  Flag cataloged by as symbol of the Boer Genocide At these demonstrations is often exposed the flag of the Union of South Africa, which evolved into the “old” RSA (even this flag is cataloged by as a symbol of the Boer Genocide), perhaps with some Boer flags. A macroscopic contradiction, because the Union of South Africa was born depriving Boer Republics of their freedom.
The use of the flag of the “old” RSA give a clear political character to the event, for which the new Imper is contested in the name of the Old one.

Wrote Robert van Tonder, historic Boer nationalist, in “Boerestaat”: “There are only two large empires left in the world today. The one is the U.S.S.R., which tries forcibly to unite 15 republics, and the other is the R.S.A., where 15 faulks are squeezed together. Although the U.S.S.R. has started disintegrating, the myopic N.P. leaders refuse to free the faulks of the R.S.A.”

The flag of the “old” south African empire is not a symbol of freedom. Because empires do not give freedom, deny it.
Many people in good faith, of different race and volk, have served with honor the “old” RSA, but this does not change the reality of the things.

The “old” RSA, forged by international capitalism through British military force, tried to erase the identity of a white volk (the Boer) by inventing a false nationalism based on skin color (not even on the “race”).
In light of this, without being victims of the great disinformation about the “old” RSA, to show this flag today (not in a memorial event, but in a political one) takes on a meaning of “skin colour” opposition, because it symbolizes the “old” Empire (administered by those who had the skin sufficiently clear) that has been replaced by the “new” (which discriminates against whites).

Afrikanervlag. Flag cataloged by as symbol of the Boer GenocideThe struggle against the White Genocide in southern Africa doesn't need contrast between different races and volk, as it doesn't need (old or new, white or black) empires.
The contrast between different volk serves only to maintain the empire born in 1902, that changed administrators, but is always managed by the same international powers.

The Afrikanervlag, the Prinsevlag, the flag of Orania, or any other new white Afrikaner flag: are not  Boer flags. The Afrikanervlag, the Prinsevlag, and the flag of Orania (along with other symbols and flags), were classified by as (in this case: “white Afrikaner”) symbols who have contributed and / or contribute to the Boer Genocide.

Prinsevlag. Flag cataloged by as symbol of the Boer GenocideThe pro-white Afrikaner demonstrations, so classified because of support (direct or indirect, conscious or unconscious) to the so-called white Afrikaner “nationalism” (although white Afrikaners aren't and have never been a volk), are promoted, supported, propagated and publicized by the entire galaxy of “white Afrikaner” movements and media, from VF+ to VVK, that use them to support their various claims, to obtain foreign support, and to show international support.
The propaganda of white Afrikaner “nationalists” has always a common denominator: is an attack to the Boer identity.

Pro-Boer demonstrations
“Four-colour” flag (Vierkleur) Wave Boer flags; biological and spiritual identity of the Boer volk, as well as its history, are not confused with those of other peoples or groups. The Boers demand independence on the land of the Boer Republics; because is that their fatherland.

Pro-Boer demonstrations are been obscured by media that support and promote the so-called white Afrikaner “nationalism”.

The White Genocide as a tool for white Afrikaner (anti-Boer) propaganda

Banner: “Free Boer nation”

The fact that pro-Boer demonstrations against White Genocide in southern Africa had been totally obscured by mainstream controlled media will probably not surprise anyone. That these demonstrations, however, have also been obscured by the media (theoretically uncontrolled) whose main activity should be to talk about the White Genocide in southern Africa, and the events that denounce it, reveals their nature. An “Afrikaner” nature, but often related to Judaism. And for this supported by Freemasonry.
The fact that these (theoretically non-controlled and independent) media, as well as those close to the so-called white Afrikaner “nationalism”, support it only certain demonstrations against White Genocide in southern Africa (those pro-imperial and those pro-white Afrikaner), while obscure the other (pro-Boer), reveals their goals and their priorities.

To demonstrate against White Genocide in southern Africa
To demonstrate against White Genocide in southern Africa may be useful to spread the truth, and to sensitize other people about this tragedy.

To demonstrate against White Genocide in southern Africa (a racist extermination), exposing symbols or supporting policies that have promoted and / or promote the Boer Genocide (the elimination of a specific volk), is a contradiction which shows an error. There is no nationalism in the false nationalism, there is no truth in a lie, there is no freedom under oppression, you can't fight a genocide promoting another one.

Do not be fooled by those who speak of “unity”. Union is strength, but only if you work for the same goals. To go in the wrong direction, don't brings you closer to your goal. You away from it.
The good remains so only until it is separated from evil.
When you do something, be sure to do the right thing.

Beware of manipulators and fake nationalists. Be careful that your work don't serve their interests. This article can be a useful guide to test them, to acknowledge them and to recognize them. Avoid them. Keep them at a distance.

Who manifests against White Genocide in southern Africa, or even for the independence of the Boer nation (the only white African volk), must act with great responsibility, for not damage the Cause in any way.

Flags of political and / or religious movements should be avoided.
The main Boer flags are the “Vierkleur” - the flag of the ZAR (Zuid Afrikaanse Republiek) - and that of the Orange Free State (Oranje-Vrystaat).
The list of the Boer flag is available here: Boer flags.