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From "Storm", AWB newsletter nr. 15, Apr-Sept 2003

Dirk Ackerman

AWB-Wenkommando Cmdt. Genl. Dirk Ackerman[…]
There is also news that our Commandant-General Dirk Ackerman is dead, not a worse time came. Dirk has made news as one of the persons inside the armored vehicle that drive through the windows of the World Trade Centre in Kempton Park during AWB's occupation of the building in 1993, he was a personal friend of our Leader and the movement will be poorer without him. We express our sincere condolences to the relatives of General Ackerman and pray that our Heavenly Father, will give them the necessary strength through this difficult time. Read the tribute  written for him by mr. Terre'Blanche on page 5.



During a meeting of our grueling tour at the Cape, the men began to sing Boer songs and create new words on existing melodies. These words they sang on O Boereplaas:

“O Generaal, [
O General, ]
O man van staal [ O man of steel ]
Jou het ek lief bo almal [ You are first of all ]
Van al die maters wat ek het [ Of all companions I have ]
Geen een wat my hart so beset” [ No one is so much in my heart ”], etc., etc.

When General Dirk Ackerman heard us sing of him, remained silent, and moved aside. Oh I good remember his head bent forward, and look on the ground. He was beloved by all. Always worried about everyone. In his presence no comrade altered or discussed. But as he was kind and thoughtful, he was also an implacable and relentless fighter. When his God, volk, fatherland and mother-language were involved, did not hesitate to defend to the hilt.

Now Dirk is dead. Gone. We weep for your Dirk, we cry a lot for you, but after all the years of struggle we see you go in Volkstaat Heaven where Kruger, Steyn and De Wet wait you. With your father and your beloved son. With General Nic Fourie and many other comrades. In heaven, we're flying the Virkleur and the Vrystaat flag and your comrades sing: “Kent gij dat Volk” and “Kom Burgers laat die vlagge wapperen”. The suffering is over.

Gaan o geliefde Generaal [ Go o beloved General ]
Ook jou lyding is verby [ Your suffering is over ]
Gaan o Boer van staal [ Go o Boer of steel ]
Uiteindelik is jy vry [ Ultimately, you are free ]

Gaan Dirk Ackerman [ Go Dirk Ackerman ]
Jy kon nie 'n slaaf wees [ You could not be a slave ]
Gaan o ridder en vry man [ Go and rides like a free man ]
Gaan o Boere-reus [ Go o Boer giant ]

Gaan my kameraad [ Go my comrade ]
Ek volg gou [ I follow soon ]
Gaan my beste maat [ Go my best friend ]
Ek bring die Vierkleur vir jou [ I'll bring the Vierkleur for you ]