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Friday, 27 April 2012 07:07

“Die Mandela Legende – The Mandela Legend”, by Dr. P.W. MöllerDr. P.W. Möller

The book “Die Mandela Legende – The Mandela Legend”, by dr. P.W. Möller, is a biography of Nelson Mandela, history communist terrorist of the African National Congress (ANC), and first black President of the “new” Empire of the Republic of South Africa (RSA).
Dr. P.W. Moller, in a booklet easy to read, cheap and basic, in two languages (Afrikaans and English), unmasks an icon of international capitalism-communism, and report his true story.

The truth is a powerful weapon. For this reason many those who try to suppress it.
Volkstaat.org invites you to buy this book and spread it.
Those who are interested to buy a copy of “Die Mandela Legende – The Mandela Legend” can contact Volkstaat.org via e-mail. All copies will be ordered directly to Dr. Möller, in southern Africa.

What follows is a brief presentation of the book.


The Real Mandela

In this booklet (which is published in Afrikaans and English) Nelson Mandela, who has been elevated to a world icon, is exposed as the tyrant he really is – all but the amiable, peace loving and benign personality popularly ascribed to him. Not only did his propagation and incitement of violence, over many years, foster a state of anarchy, which is still rampant in South Africa, but he himself was responsible for the death of many innocent people.

During the National Party's negotiations with him, Mandela persistently refused to renounce violence, even though he continuously pretend to be in favour of a peaceful solution for the South African situation. Despite the fact that he is nothing less than a terrorist he is still being revered as a saint. It is beyond belief that the term “Madiba magic”, whatever it may mean, should still be dabbled about. The author believes that nowhere else in world history has such a false image been created, as in the case of Mandela. This is his modest attempt to expose the lies and counter his false image.