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Boer-Zulu Treaty, 1838, between Pieter Retief and Dingaan - Click to enlarge

The 4th February, 1838.

Know all men by this that Whereas Pieter Retief Governor of the dutch Emigrant South afrikans has retaken my Cattle which Sinkoyella had stolen which cattle the said Retief now deliver unto me. I Dingaan, King of the Zoolas as hereby Certify and declare that I thought fit to resign unto him the said Retief and his Countrymen (On reward of the case hereabove mentioned, the Place called Port Natal together with all the Land anexed (n above), that is to say from Dogeela to the Omsoboebo River westward and from the Sea to the North as far as the Land may be Usefull and in my possession which I did by this and give unto them for their Everlasting property.

De merk (scribble) van de
Konng (?) Dingaan.

Als getuye (?) Als getuye (?)
M. Oosthuijse Noeana (?) grand raads Lid
A.C. Greyling Inliwanio (scribble)
B.J. Liebenberg Manondo (scribble)

And on the back of it:
Certwiseere dat deeze omschreevene Contrackt is gevonden door ons ondergeteekende bij de gebeente van wylen den heer P. Retief in dingaansland op den 21 dag van December 1838 in een leedere Jager Sak in dien vereisht zyn wy bereid dat met solemn neele Eede te staaven.
E.F. Potgieter
[Translation by
Certifying that this written Contract is founded by us, the undersigned, at the skeletons of foremost lord P. Retief in the Dingaan's land, on the 21st day of December 1838 in a leather knapsack, should it be demanded, we would be willing to affirm it by solemn oath.
E.F. Potgieter]

Note. — This is copied from the lithograph in the First Annexation of the Transvaal by Dr. Leyds.

The Republic of Natalia
from the book “Boerestaat”, by Robert van Tonder