The imperial police of the "new" RSA open fire on miners - August 16, 2012 PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 17 August 2012 15:13


On August 6, 2012, in Rustenburg, 118 km west of Pretoria, the imperial police of the “new” Republic of South Africa (RSA) opened fire on striking miners. Video of the incident shows violent bursts of bullets, and many men were shot, wounded and killed. BBC news speaks about 34 dead.
This it is the “new” South Africa, the Empire that international capitalism, from the beginning of the 90s, given to black communist forces of southern Africa to run it.
The capitalist-communist regime is at work and the Imperial Police shot and killed. As killed in Sharpeville in 1960. Then there was talk of racial hatred to fuel communism, so: the false alternative that capitalism proposes to consolidate and expand itself. Today, in the so-called “rainbow nation” of “Papa Madiba” (nickname of the former Communist terrorist Nelson Mandela) is a bit more difficult, and the only allowed racism is that “politically correct”, so: against whites.
The repression of the imperial forces didn’t start today, or in 1994, or in 1948, but when this empire was created in 1902, when international capitalism, through British military force, put an end to the free Boer Republics, to rob them of the mineral resources that had been discovered in their lands. The Boers were the first victims.
The imperial repression shed Boer blood in his death camps; during the Boer Rebellion of 1914; during the Rand Revolt of 1922, when it opened fire on the white miners. The forces of the Empire persecuted and imprisoned the Boers of the Ossewabrandwag (OB), in the 40s, as well as the policemen of the (“old”) RSA persecuted the Boers of the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB) during the 90s (some of which were even brutally tortured in prison, as in the case of Phil Kloppers, reduced in a wheelchair).
Today, this imperial repression, continues in the “new” RSA, that imprisons, condemns and tortures the Boer nationalists.

The imperial repression isn’t racist, because it strikes without distinction all volk of southern Africa. The Empire has maintained its unity upsetting the whole area demographically, importing cheap labour, and promoting false nationalisms and ideologies that serve this purpose: various forms of white nationalism, black nationalism, and communism.
Southern Africa must be taken out of the hands of the capitalism-communism, and returned to all volk that historically inhabit it. One of these volk is white, and African: the Boer volk.