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Monday, 07 November 2011 16:17


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You can buy merchandise by post, by paying in advance through Paypal, bank transfer, Money Gram, or Western Union.

How to order
You can order items by sending an e-mail to, indicating:
- The selected items (and when necessary the size) with related code numbers;
- The full address to which the items will be delivered;
- The method of payment.
Then, again by e-mail, you will be contacted to be informed about the availability of the ordered material and to show you the exact amount to paid (inclusive of postage and packing), and to provide you the data to make the payment.


The collection charges if you pay by bank transfer, as well as fees for payment by Money Gram or Western Union, will be borne by the person purchasing the items.
Items are shipped by post only and exclusively after receiving the exact amount notified by e-mail.
For any questions please write to:

Orders to
The sending of the ordered items is (usually) within 7-15 days after receiving the exact amount notified by e-mail.
The shipping costs (P&P) include the postage rates plus costs for packaging, plus various expenses.
The minimum order is € 5.00 of merchandise (+ P&P).
Acceptance of orders is always subject to the will of