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>>> merchandise - philosophy <<<
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The sole purpose of merchandise is to promote the cause of the Boer volk, so it can be replicated, distributed and sold freely.
Who produces and distributes merchandise can ask to be notified on “volkstaat” websites.
To promote diffusion of merchandise are available (when necessary) the print files, and the technical specifications to replicate the items. merchandise can be replicated by both those who are interested to use them personally (avoiding the postage for an order to and by those who want to sell and distribute in their country or online.

Print files
Any alteration of the files is understood as a violation of copyright. Button badges
The print files are in pdf format.

Boer patches
The print files are not available at the moment.

The T-shirts are printed with direct digital printing system, able to ensure a high quality and a high number of colors.
Print files, available for free download are available in two versions: with text in English and with text in Afrikaans. Who print T-Shirts can decide which file to use.
Some T-shirts used by as a base, may not be available at the print shop that prints your T-shirts, or in other shops; so you can replace them with T-shirts from other brands, similar in color and design to those originally planned. On the T-shirts page are listed the models generally used.
The print files for T-shirts are in .eps format and in .fh8 format, the formats generally used in print shops. On request to the files may be provided in other  formats.
The prints are 250 mm wide (25 cm) and take place at 9 cm from the collar (see the picture).

T-shirts print