Boerevryheid Barend Pienaar speaks about white farmers Genocide in SA PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 03 November 2012 21:55

Summary in English:
Our organisation’s website is at On Facebook we are Boerevryheid. And in real life we are the Boerevolk Vryheid Stigting (BVS). We see ourselves as the Boers of South Africa, or the Boerevolk. We want to draw your attention to the racially motivated hate crimes (in South Africa). In the last 18 years, there have been 4,020 murders of white farmers (mainly Boers); atrocities committed by South African terrorists, namely the ANC regime. We are experiencing a state of genocide. Genocide is universally categorised by 8 levels; the 8th being total denial. In other words, the media denies it, the government denies it, the police deny it, the justice system, which is supposed to protect us, denies it. Our people are being raped and murdered in every possible way. 60,000 murders of whites have already been committed in (South African) villages and cities. White people are being raped, mutilated, hacked to pieces. The aim of all this is to oppress us in our own country. This must stop. We are staying here – we’re not going anywhere. They’ll never conquer us – Britain couldn’t do it 100 years ago; the terrorists won’t succeed in doing it today. Thank you.