Western Cape, South Africa, Nov. 2012: strikes and black racism PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 15 November 2012 15:19

Western Cape, South Africa, November 2012 - Black violent campaign against whites

The western Cape is on fire.
The scenes are the same as the 70s, when the South African Empire was ruled by white regime. But since 1994, the political power is run by African National Congress (ANC).
The black workers' claims are exploited by Communists of COSATU (largest trade union federation allied with the ANC and the South African Communist Party) and ANC to consolidate their own power by promoting anti-white racism, so white man will be the cause of all the problems of the blacks. The same tactic used by Mugabe in Zimbabwe to stay in power, a tactic that has meaning for many whites: death, or bankruptcy and exile.
The Western Cape is now experiencing a situation like Zimbabwe. What is happening, in fact, is nothing more than a black violent campaign against whites, fueled by forces of the government. A racist and illegitimate government.
Various whites' farms in the Cape region were burned, and some shops looted. Several whites were assaulted and intimidated. Reports that a white farmer had been dragged from his vehicle and murdered.
The current campaign against whites in the western Cape is an escalation of the White Genocide in southern Africa.