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Free Cornelia de Wet! Boer prisoner

Updated: on the 20th of March 2014, Cornelia de Wet was released on bail. She is back in court on March the 26th and the case was postponed to June the 19th (message of the 14th June: We need your help).

Cornelia Hendrika de Wet is a Boer patriot. She's a political prisoner, jailed by the capitalist-communist regime of southern Africa. She's in prison since May 29, 2012.
Cornelia de Wet is locked up in Middelburg Prison.
Cornelia was born August 14, 1976, and is the mother of three children, Cornelia, Sarah and Joey. He lived at her farm “Kwaggafontein”, in the district of Carolina.

Cornelia de Wet was arrested on a charge of High treason and Incitement. Accusation was patently ridiculous, because the Boers cannot “betray” a state that is stranger and enemy to them, and illegitimate, because the imperial state of the “new” RSA hasn't authority over the Boer volk.
The charge sheet, however, only refers to possession of ammunition.

Cornelia de Wet has denied to be the owner of a 100 meter ignition fuse; 4 Primers Shotgun; .22 & R1 shells; found at her home. This material would have been consigned to her by a “Commander” of the Leeuwag, an organization which Cornelia had been part in the past.
The information that led to the arrest of Cornelia de Wet was provided to the RSA imperial police by an anonymous caller.

Cornelia de Wet, before her arrest by imperial police, had reported 8 attacks (the first in April 2010) against her farm, her person and her children.
Although some media had done to fall such attacks in the phenomenon of White Genocide in southern Africa, the authors of the attacks according to Cornelia de Wet were not blacks but whites, members of some organizations of the so-called “Boer-Afrikaner rightwing”, focused mainly in the security sector and all linked together: Boere Beskermings Forum (BBF), Leeuwag, e Panzer Protection. These organizations, according to some people, would be heavily infiltrated by regime's agents, according to others, would have been established even by the imperial regime to divert the Boers in good faith.

Cornelia de Wet acted in good faith when joined the Leeuwag. She thought she had found someone who could defend her, and not those who had attacked her. As a good patriot she worked, in particular, on a project to feed the Boer children at school. When the project received an important donation, Cornelia de Wet was mysteriously banished from Leeuwag and resumed the attacks on her farm. Carolina de Wet reported serious threats and intimidation by BFF/Leeuwag/Panzer Protection members.

Carolina de Wet is in the prisons of the south African imperial regime, members and leaders of the BFF/Leeuwag/Panzer Protection are free [Update: on 15 December 2012 it was arrested the leader of the BBF, Johan Prinsloo].

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Dec. 12, 2012: Fundraising for Cornelia de Wet (Boer prisoner)

Don’t forget about her!
This page published a photo of Cornelia, to better remind her, and her face.

Have deprived the volk of his freedom. Have imprisoned his men and his women. We don’t let that steal even our memory.
Don’t forget them, and don’t forget their face.

Who fighting for the freedom of his volk can’t be condemned.
Free all Boer prisoners!
Free Cornelia de Wet!


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