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Friday, 30 November 2012 21:33

Abel Malan and Andries Breytenbach. VVK, November 30, 2012Today, November 30, 2012, the Volksraad Verkiesing Kommissie (VVK), the Electoral Commission of white Afrikaners, presented a document to some foreign embassies and to the UN office in Pretoria, South Africa. The VVK asked that his “people” can once again be free, in the lands of their fathers. It's not possible to understand, however, what people, what fathers, what land, and what freedom, VVK speaks about.
The VVK says he wants to free the “Boer-Afrikaners”, a volk that doesn't exist. To confuse the identity of a volk do not serve to free, but to destroy him. This is also Boer Genocide.

The VVK has produced a document “Die Boere-Afrikanervolk se eis om selfbeskikking” (“The Boer-Afrikaner nation's claim to self-determination”), which denies the specificity of the Boer volk than other white Afrikaans speakers (1)(2), and this is a false history. The Trekboer wars; the Voortrekkers' migration; the Blood River Vow; the Boer Republics; the Wars of Liberation, the people died in the British concentration camps; are a heritage and an exclusive property of one volk only: the Boer one, the only white volk of Africa.
The VVK argues that the “old” Republic of South Africa would be a continuation of the Boer Republics (3), and this is an other false history. The “old” Republic of South Africa was not daughter of the Boer Republics, but of the Union of South Africa, the British dominion forged by international capitalism that ended the Boer Republics.
The “old” Republic of South Africa isn't a child of the Boer Republics; is the mother of the “new” Republic of South Africa.

The false arguments of VVK are the classical ones of the so-called “white Afrikaner nationalism”, the artificial nationalism established by international capitalism after the conquest of the Boer Republics, in anti-Boer function.

The document submitted by the Electoral white Afrikaner Commission (VVK) is in complete contrast with that presented in 1995 to the UN by Boere Republikeinse Verkiesingskommissie (BVK), the Boer Republican Electoral Commission.

The VVK is outside of the boundaries of the Boer nation, as demonstrated by the thesis that he supports. Who wants the destruction of the Boer volk is not a Boer.

Surely the vast majority of people who support the VVK are absolutely in good faith.
Some people claim that we must all stand together, to be stronger. It's true, but the unity of the Boers is with the Boer, not with the white Afrikaners, or the British, or the Xhosa.
There are those who participate in these initiatives convinced that it is better to do “something” then nothing. But to go in the wrong direction is not useful, it's only harmful, because don't lead to the goal, but away from it.

If someone wants to do something for the freedom of the Boers, should act primarily for the Boer prisoners (political prisoners and freedom fighters) being held in the regime prisons of the “new” RSA Empire. Who really wants to free the Boers should think first to all those convicted in prison. One thing that VVK certainly doesn't.

The VVK disguises himself with Boer flags. But his true nature result from what he claims and state. And it is not a Boer nature.

The VVK sent his supporters to the embassies of the Netherlands, Germany and France (as well as that of the United States), directing them according to the “origins” of their ancestors. Even this small fact shows as the spirit of the VVK is not African, and therefore not Boer.
The origin of the Boers (in contrast with white Afrikaners / Cape Dutch) is not European, but African, because Boer volk was not born in Europe but on the Cape frontier of southern Africa. For this reason the Boer volk is the only white indigenous volk of southern Africa. His lands are those of the Boer Republics. His freedom is the independence of his Republics.

The document “Die Boere-Afrikanervolk se eis om selfbeskikking” has been classified by Volkstaat.org as an act of Boer Genocide.

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Boer Genocide: “Die Boere-Afrikanervolk se eis om selfbeskikking”