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Monday, 31 December 2012 07:07

Today, according to the Gregorian calendar, the year 2012 ends; another year of Boer Genocide.

Boer Genocide, 2012

The Boer Genocide is the phenomenon that includes all activities aimed at promoting the extinction of the Boer volk, then: all actions that work for its elimination, in a physical sense (killing operations); in a spiritual and biological sense (operations of contamination); in an identity sense (operations to delete or confuse identity). A volk exists until exist its people; until it is aware of its specificity; until it is coherent with its own spirit, its own blood, and its own identity. This coherence marks the boundaries of each volk.

Examples of activities aimed at the physical elimination of the Boer volk: the exterminations by Dingaan in the 1838; the British concentration camps of the Second Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902, when the international capitalism used the force of the British Empire to conquer the Boer Republics), in which died 24,000 Boer children (50% Boer of the child population of that time) and 3,000 Boer women.
Examples of activities aimed at the spiritual and biological contamination of the Boer volk: the transformation, by the imperial regime of the “new” RSA (Republic of South Africa), of the Day of the Vow (additional Sabbath for the Boer volk) in the Day of Reconciliation (imperial feast for all volk of southern Africa); the creation of an artificial “South African” nationalism, based on an (capitalist-communist) ideology which promotes the annihilation of biological diversity.
Examples of activities aimed to confuse the identity: the false concept of “Afrikaner volk”, which includes all Afrikaans-speaking whites (so, for example, both the Boers - who are a volk – and the Cape Dutch, who never been one), spread it on purpose after international capitalism, in 1902, through British military force, defeated and incorporated the free Boer Republics; the false concept of “white South African nation”, at the base of the Union of South Africa (the empire founded in the 1910, that includes the conquered Boer Republics).

During 2012 many Boers were killed within the contemporary racist phenomenon known as “White Genocide in South Africa”. The climate of fear in which whites live, and discrimination laws affecting them in the labour market (other aspects of the “White Genocide in South Africa”), led very much whites to emigrate and have impoverished hundreds of thousands. This racist phenomenon, that kills, throw out,  and impoverished whites, afflicts the Boer volk, as only white African volk, so it is also Boer Genocide.

The imperial regime of the “new” RSA continues to hold captive the Boer volk, and to persecute it. And all this while the Empire works to contaminate, to alter, and to confuse its identity. Even: the term “Boer” (in Afrikaans: “Boer”), generally not used by the imperial regime (or confused with the term “farmer” [in Afrikaans: “boer”]) is showed only for denigratory purpose, even write it in English with initial lowercase letter (sic) [1] as if it were not the name of a people (that both in English and Afrikaans, requires initial capital letter).
In the South African prisons are always locked up various Boer political prisoners, and sometimes others are added, while the former communist terrorists administer the political power over the entire region.

White Afrikaner (non-Boer) organizations continue their attack against the Boer identity, promoting the concept of “Afrikaner volk” or “Boer-Afrikaner volk”; their work is synergistic with that of the imperial regime.
Among the most active movements we can remember the Vryheidsfront Plus (VF+), the white Afrikaner (non-Boer) political party of the RSA Empire, which leader is the imperial Deputy Minister Dr. Pieter Mulder. The Vryheidsfront Plus (VF+) in 1994 (as Vryheidsfront, VF) contributed to the birth of the “new” RSA Empire, diverting Boers from struggle for independence; and in 2008 managed to gain admittance for “Afrikaners” (with reference to all Afrikaans-speaking whites) at the UNPO (Unrepresented Nations and People Organization), although them are not a volk, instead of the Boers, who instead are.
Another white Afrikaner (non-Boer) organization particularly active in the 2012 has been the Volksraad Verkiesing Kommissie (VVK), the Electoral Commission of white Afrikaners, who on more than one occasion has presented itself to international organisms, in South Africa and in Europe, saying it represent a supposed “Boer-Afrikaner nation”, a concept that denies the specificity of the Boer volk in respect to other Afrikaans-speaking whites. In particular, we remember: the participation of Henk van de Graaf (member of the “Volksraad” of the VVK and its Secretary) at a conference organized by the European Parliament on February 1; the document “Die Boere-Afrikanervolk se eis om selfbeskikking” (“The Boer-Afrikaner nation's claim to self-determination”), delivered the November 30 to some embassies and to the UN office in Pretoria, South Africa; and the initiative of the December 1, in The Hague, to the International Court of Justice, with the participation of the usual Henk Van de Graaf.

Between white Afrikaner (non-Boer) movements there are not significant political differences, but new ones are continually set up, as if the real goal was to divide the Boer volk, according to the logic of “divide and rule”, till to pulverize it. Among the latest additions we can mention: the Onafhanklike Afrikaner-selfbeskikkingsekspedisie (OASE - Independent Afrikaner Self-determination Mission), the Boere Beskermings Forum (BBF) and the Federale Vryheidsparty (FVP).

All their activities has been classified by as acts of Boer Genocide.

To deny freedom and independence to the Boer nation (the Boer volk) is Boer Genocide. To talk of “Boer-Afrikaner” nation is Boer Genocide. To use Boer flags to support an Afrikaner; or a white Afrikaner; or a “Boer-Afrikaner”; “nation”, is Boer Genocide. To confuse Afrikaners; or white Afrikaners; or other peoples of southern Africa; with the Boers, is Boer Genocide. To refer to the Boer history, calling it “Afrikaner”, is Boer Genocide. To claim that there is a so-called “Covenant Nation”, which the Boers would be part, together with other whites of southern Africa, is Boer Genocide. To consider unitarily the history of the whites of southern Africa is Boer Genocide. To consider unitarily the history of Cape Dutch settlers and Boers (as did by the UNPO - Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization - at the request of the VF+), calling all them “Afrikaners”, is Boer Genocide. To support any (Dutch or English, African or European, white or black) empire, which denies independence to the Boer nation, is Boer Genocide. To participate in political life (elections, institutions) of any empire that denies independence to the Boer nation (as does, for example, the VF+), is Boer Genocide. To wave Boer flags, and then migrate to lands foreign to the Boer nation, founding new communities, who cooperate with the Empire that has subjugated the Boer nation (as did by Orania) is Boer Genocide. To call “Boer-Afrikaner” elections (as did by the VVK), denying the specificity of the Boer nation, is Boer Genocide.


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