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South Africa, 2012: the white rightwing of the “new” RSA regime (Part I)

Article of January 7, 2013

Some Afrikaans-speaking whites, belonging to the so-called “Boer-Afrikaner rightwing” (rightwing that confuses the white non-Boer Afrikaners with the Boers), were arrested Saturday, December 15, 2012, by the Imperial Police of the RSA (Republic of South Africa).
Initially, the media reported that arrested were seven [1], but then only four [2].
Mark Trollip (48 years old) was arrested in the northern Cape, on the road between Kimberly and Douglas; Martin Keevy (47) at a guest house in Bloemfontein; Johan Prinsloo (49) in Springs; and Hein Boonzaaier (51) in Centurion [3].

Martin Keevy, Mark Trollip, Heinrich Boonzaaier and Johan Prinsloo

Mark Trollip runs an organization which he is self-proclaimed leader, the “Wit Brandwag” [4].
Johan Prinsloo, an agent (in service in the Vehicle Theft Unit [5]) or a former agent (owner, actually, of a funeral home in Springs [6]) of the imperial regime of the “new” RSA, is the leader of the Boere Beskermings Forum (BBF - Forum for Protection of Farmers) and the Operational Manager of the Federale Vryheidsparty (FVP) [7].
Prieska, 2012Hein Boonzaaier, chairman of the Afrikaner Interne Tegniese Ontwikkelingsgroep (AITOG), is the managing director of the Hausenberg Ontwikkelings Koöperasie Beperk [8], a cooperative whose goal is to build in the Prieska district [9], in the Cape (former British colony), a small Afrikaner town, like Orania. Hein Boonzaaier is also the leader of the FVP [7].
Prieska, as Orania, was among the towns mentioned in the early 90s by Carel Boshoff in the project of “Orandeë”, independent non-Boer Afrikaner state in a large area of the Cape Province, and was included (still together with Orania) in the project for a non-Boer Afrikaner “volkstaat” in an area (much smaller than “Orandeë”) of the north-west of the Cape Province, between the Vaal River and the Atlantic Ocean, a non-Boer Afrikaner “project” promoted in the mid-'90s by Vryheidsfront (VF), which Carel Boshoff was a member.
At Prieska, from December 9 to 21, Johan Prinsloo organized a gathering aimed to commemorate the Day of the Vow. That for to commemorate a Boer Vow the Boer volk be called to gather together in a territory foreign to the Boer Republics, is a clear attack to the Boer identity, that shows the white Afrikaner (and not Boer) nature of the initiative. That event had to attract, in addition to the BBF, all leaders of the Volksorganisasie Leiersberaad (VOLBER), as well as those of the Afrikaner Electoral Commission (VVK) [10] and of the FVP. The organizers hoped to reach 300,000 participants [11] but in the end attracted just more than 100 people [9].

Jaco Scherman, owner of the Panzer Protection and of the Leeuwag (organizations related to BBF), with a long career in the imperial police of the “new” RSA, which is still a reservist [12], interviewed by Rapport [13], admitted links with Johan Prinsloo and Hein Boonzaaier.
The links between Jaco Scherman and Johan Prinsloo (leader of the BBF) were, obviously, already of public knowledge and known to the whole so-called “Boer-Afrikaner rightwing” environment, because both men are active in the BBF. Against the BBF, and in particular against some of its members, including the same Jaco Scherman, were launched various charges, in particular with reference to the case of Cornelia de Wet.

Johan Prinsloo and Hein Boonzaaier were suspended from the FVP immediately after their arrest [3].

Initially, some media had reported that the four men (Johan Prinsloo, Hein Boonzaaier, Mark Trollip and Martin Keevy) were arrested after that Imperial Police was informed that they could pose a threat to the 53rd National Elective Conference of the African National Congress (ANC), underway in Mangaung from December 16 to 20, 2012 [1]; then, instead, that the arrested were “not linked to the conference at all” [2].
But on 17 December the imperial state, at the courthouse of Bloemfontein, has accused the four men of planning acts of terrorism and treason [9]. In particular, to have planned to hit with mortar fire the conference of the ANC, the party that rules the RSA Empire, and to kill President Jacob Zuma and other prominent men of the regime [14]. Their case was postponed to January 8, 2013; and in the meantime they would remain in prison [4].

The story seems to use a (very far from reality) plot already used and known, and by explicitly narrated, in the article “South Africa, 2012: the white rightwing of the “new” RSA regime”, published on December 10, 2012 (therefore several days before the arrests).
Here below some parts of it:

The VBWB, under the leadership of John Els, seems to have discussed a number of armed attacks against the imperial regime, in particular: to hit with mortar fire the stadium of Bloemfontein during the celebrations for the centenary of the African National Congress (ANC), scheduled for January 2012 [15].
Some people believe that these discussions (so distant and disconnected from contingent political reality to appear grotesque) were promoted by regime's agents provocateurs, in order to receive additional funds to finance their repressive activities [16]. Of course, these discussions (even if they do not become action), once revealed to the public opinion, promote an anti-white sentiment, consolidating the imperial regime, and encourage the persecution of the Boers, who regularly end up in jail.
It is also clear that any isolated armed action, then outside the context of a popular struggle for national liberation, don't serve the Cause of the Boers, but only favor the anti-Boer repression.


[…] According to some, however, the Leeuwag began to present itself as something different, as the military wing of the BFF, which resumed some discourses of the VBWB.

Die Burger [17], explicitly cites the hypothetical plan aimed to attack with mortar fire the stadium of Bloemfontein during the celebrations for the centenary of the ANC, scheduled for January 2012. According to a source of Die Burger: they didn't have mortars so postpone their plan to the conference of December 2012 [17].

The investigation that the led to the arrests of December 15 is the result of joint work of the police, security forces and military intelligence [17] of the regime, which have infiltrated [17] groups of the so-called “Boer-Afrikaner rightwing”.

Die Burger [17] had access to a report that an agent had sent to their bosses. It states that «bombs were made» and that the men of the so-called “Boer-Afrikaner rightwing” are on the brink of gaining access to 120mm mortars and 155mm ammunition that were supposed to be used in G5-Cannons [17].

120 mm mortar and G5-cannon

The photo published by Die BurgerDie Burger [17] published a photo of some assault rifles. In reality, however, no weapon has been found, at least until this day.

Francois Cloete (former member of the Vryheidsfront Plus, VF+), as National Secretary of the FVP, on December 22, 2012, issued a press release [18], which states that bombs, mortars and assault rifles were not found and that the whole case is  based on allegations made by an undercover agent. In the light of what has been written by Die Burger [17], he asks:
“If there was such a plot planned, how many of it was planned by the state, how much of this plot was funded and instigated by the state itself? If the information given by the agent of the state can't even be proved, as is the case at this time, how is the rest of the information trustworthy?” [18]

In mid-September the website “Vaandel Uitgewers” had published an article [19] which stated that it had been informed by a very reliable source, that a new operation under a “false flag” orchestrated and / or facilitated by the National Intelligence Agency (NIA, the intelligence agency of the Empire of the “new” RSA), has led to an attack on the ANC's regime, resulting in the arrest of many members of the so-called “Boer-Afrikaner rightwing”, that would be followed by a campaign of hatred against whites.
The attack didn't happen, but the media have spoken of it anyway, treating the event as if it were a threat really foiled and not as a fictional hypothesis; and four men were arrested. In practice: the imperial regime has not suffered any loss and any attack, but the propaganda campaign against the whites (and the Boers in particular) get stronger anyway. The term “Boer” (in Afrikaans: “Boer”), generally not used by the imperial regime (or confused with the term “farmer” [in Afrikaans: “boer”]) is showed by media just in these occasions, even write it in English with initial lowercase letter (sic) [9] as if it were not the name of a people (that both in English and Afrikaans, requires initial capital letter). A clear act of Boer Genocide.

It is worth mentioning that situation inside the intelligence forces of the imperial regime of the RSA was described [20] as highly confrontational, while waiting for the Elective Conference of the ANC, with political factions inside the party intent on fighting each other to control this important instrument of power.
An imperial instrument that has always targeted the whites.

Some people have expressed solidarity with the four arrested and called for their release. Actually, not only the RSA imperial regime is illegal (like every empire), but the charges against the four men appear instrumental and unfounded.
However, anyone who voluntarily serves or has voluntarily served the Empire of the “new” RSA, as an Imperial agent or as candidate to the imperial parliament, has chosen to serve a regime openly hostile to his blood (whatever it is), and to submit himself to it.
The imperial agents and the promoters of “white afrikaner” ideology, independently from their biological offspring, and even when unjustly imprisoned, cannot be classified as Boer political prisoners.

Barend PienaarThe movements of the so-called “Boer-Afrikaner rightwing” seem to serve only to confuse the Boer identity; to discredit the Boer Cause; to consolidate the imperial regime; to promote an anti-white sentiment; and, in extreme cases, to encourage the persecution of the whites, and the Boers in particular. Among these movements there are not significant political differences, but new ones are continually set up, as if the real goal was to divide the Boer volk, according to the logic of “divide and rule”, till to pulverize it.
Inside these organizations there are certainly many people in good faith (as well as a good number of imperial agents), but this is the reality.
The FVP, the last to arrive on the political scene, has already served all these purposes.
Surprising, due to the white Afrikaner (and not Boer) nature of the FVP, that this political party has been, and is, supported, by some well-known users of the Boerevryheid forum, especially Barend Pienaar of the Boerevolk Vryheidstigting (BVS), that is even its Chairperson [7] and, after the suspension of Hein Boonzaaier, was appointed as temporary President (leader) [18].

The Federale Vryheidsparty (FVP)
FVP - Federale VryheidspartyThe Federal Vryheidsparty (FVP) is yet another political party of the so-called “Boer-Afrikaner rightwing” (rightwing that confuses the white non-Boer Afrikaners with the Boers), officially founded on October 2012 [21], “that promotes self-determination of the Afrikaner / Boer people in a confederal political model” [22]. “The FVP recognizes the right of all nations, ethnic and minority groups to: self-determination” [21] but it doesn't seem to distinguish between Afrikaans-speaking non-Boer whites and Boers. This, in addition to being a precise attack to the Boer identity, means that the FVP recognizes certain rights to all, unless the Boers, who are confined to being a minority not recognized in a very large and heterogeneous group that also includes the Cape Dutch.
The FVP, in its statement that announced the start of its activities [21], addressed his message to all South African whites, as if its project was more on racial basis, than on a national basis, and therefore in line with the so-called “white nationalism”, the artificial nationalism established by international capitalism after the conquest of the Boer Republics, in anti-Boer function.
The FVP, proposing a confederal political model, declares, even if indirectly, that  considers the South African Empire (established in 1902 with the conquest of the Boer Republics) legitimate, and in fact it is registered with the Independent Electoral Commission [21][23] to participate in the election of that Empire.
All these activities have been classified by as acts of Boer genocide.

The policy of the FVP is very similar to that of the Vryheidsfront Plus (VF+), the white afrikaner non-Boer party of the RSA Empire, whose leader is the imperial Deputy Minister Dr. Pieter Mulder; and in fact, among the founders and the leaders of the FVP, there are some former members of the VF+ [7], for example: Francois Cloete, in the role of National Secretary, and his father, Willie Cloete, in the role of Chancellor.

Francois Cloete and Willie Cloete, 2011

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