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Tuesday, 22 January 2013 15:00

Sasolburg riots, January 2013

Sasolburg riots, January 2013After the Marikana massacre and the riots in the Cape, the situation is falling also in Sasolburg, industrial town in the Free State (former Boer Republic of the Orange Free State), about 150 km south of Pretoria, where, from Sunday, January 20, are ongoing riots, looting and devastation.
Crowds of blacks steal and destroy, while whites remain barricaded in their houses.
The riots started after some demonstrations of the inhabitants of the Zamdela township, apparently unhappy with some administrative decisions.
The police of the Empire of the RSA (Republic of South Africa) has arrested at least 150 people [1]; shooting rubber bullets and tear gas, uses helicopters and armored vehicles.
Zamdela imperial police station was under siege [2]. Other imperial agents were made together from nearby cities.
Whites fear that riots could take a racist trend.
The hate against whites is the basis of the “White Genocide in southern Africa”, which is bloodying South Africa.
The current communist regime, enslaved to international capitalism, discriminates whites and promotes an anti-white sentiment, as glue to hold together the Southern African Empire, denying freedom to all volk that compose it. In other words: to deny freedom to the different volk of southern Africa, the RSA Empire used ever racism (once white, now black).
The current riots shows the political failure of the ANC/Communists. All their promises were false. Here's the “land of milk and honey” promised by Mandela: a country ravaged by poverty and violence.

Sasolburg, South Africa

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