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Book: Boerestaat, by Robert van Tonder
First English Edition [1977]


Chapter 6

British domination of Southern Africa in this century

With the destruction of the Boere states the British simultaneously grabbed the entire Southern Africa. All the black faulks now also became 'British subjects' irrespective of their desires. The most ignominious economic exploitation commenced. Just as India had been exploited and left impoverished after a hundred years of British occupation, so South Africa was bled dry to Britain's advantage.
The following quotation is taken from Churchill's memoirs of the Second World War;

“Britain entered the war with about 4,500 millions in dollars, or in gold and in United States investments that could be turned into dollars. The only way in which these resources could be increased was by new gold-production in the British Empire, mainly of course in South Africa... By this means and additional 2,000 millions dollars were procured during the first sixteen months of the war.”

If Britain could finance a war by starting NEW gold-production in South Africa she was financing her national budget with South African gold and financed her war effort during the Great War from the same source. The matter did not need to be discussed with the Union Government. The British Parliament merely had to decide on the matter. And while Britain saw its way clear to using Boere gold to wage war on Germany it left Lesotho after eighty years of British rule the proud owners of two kilometres of tarred road!

In order to totally disable the Boere faulk, and to ensure that we never rose again, the vanquished Transvaal and Free State were forced into 'Union' with the British colonies of Cape and Natal. The Boere Republics became 'provinces'... This happened in 1910 with the forming of the Union of South Africa through an Act of the British Parliament.

Alfred Milner, the British suppressor of faulks and the greatest despiser of our Boere faulk, said of the Union that he and his vassals founded:

“The new tactic (to subjugate the Boere) must be to consolidate the different areas of British South Africa into one nation. Although unification will initially put the Boere into political control of the entire South Africa it will, ironically, eventually lead to their final downfall.”

Milner imported tens of thousands of British immigrants. Our Boere language was scorned and suppressed. The British took over the economic management of South Africa. Our Boere faulk had to crawl in front of the British rulers for jobs, marking us second class citizens in our former states.
Milner's words have come true to the letter. Since 1910 no Englishman has become prime minister of the Union of South Africa or president of the Republic of South Africa. The so-called Afrikaners have had full political control.

Yet their final downfall is now imminent!


Emily Hobhouse

The noble British woman, EMILY HOBHOUSE, demonstrated that not all the British approved the racketeering of their leaders. She instigated a major campaign and exposed the criminal action of Rhodes, Milner, Kitchener and Roberts internationally. And indebted Boere faulk demonstrated their appreciation by putting her to rest at the foot of the 'Women's Memorial next to president Steyn and General De Wet.

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