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Monday, 28 January 2013 22:50

Kobus Pretorius

Kobus Pretorius is a Boer prisoner of war. He is in jail since 2002, along with his brothers, Wilhelm and Johan.
Kobus, Johan and Wilhelm are the sons of Dr. Lets Pretorius, well-known Boer nationalist of the Boerevolk Vryheidstigting (BVS).

August 19, 2012, Kobus Pretorius through his psychologist Sonja Jordaan, had issued a statement in which he asked forgiveness for his deeds. This after he broke all ties with his family, all branded as “political and religious fanatics” [1].
Today, January 28, 2013, before the High Court in Pretoria, Kobus Pretorius said to be no longer the same man. No longer believes in the Boer Republics [2].
He spoke of his family as “biological parents” and “biological brothers”, and pointed as real parents: his psychologist and her husband [3].
Statements that seem drawn from “Nineteen Eighty-Four”, the novel by George Orwell.

Kobus Pretorius is a Boer prisoner of war. And he still is. His statements aren't an act of treason, but a clear proof that he is a victim, a victim of the new re-education “camps” of the Regime (the prisons of the “new” RSA [Republic of South Africa]). The brainwashing is war.

Free all Boer prisoners!
Free Boer volk!

Johan, Wilhelm, Kobus. Pretorius brothers

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