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Thursday, 31 January 2013 16:00

Wilhelm Pretorius with Anje Pretorius

The following letter is by Wilhelm Pretorius, a Boer prisoner of war detained, along with his brothers (Johan and Kobus), in Pretoria prison (Local Prison).

January 7, 2013

My name is Wilhelm Pretorius. I am 35 year old and married since 2000. I am part of a group of 24 men in South Africa who were accused in the Boeremag Trial in 2002 of treason. We were imprisoned in 2002 as awaiting trial detainees and our trial commenced in May 2003. Its 10 years later and we are still awaiting trial. We have been repeatedly refused bail without good cause. This will be our 11th year being held in prison while the trial is still ongoing. Is this not an infringement of human rights?

Furthermore, we forwarded a motion to be treated as prisoners of war while we were being accused of waging a war of independence for the Boer people against South Africa. The motion was denied with many claims of errors being made by the judge as well as the South African Prosecuting Authority. The High Court Judge was not even aware of the international law before the motion and we had to supply him with the said international laws.

Through various testamonies it has come to light that we have been set up by the very same people of the South African Police services that are handling the investigation. The whole case has been orchestrated by agents of Criminal Intelligence. They not only planned it, but also through agents, provoked the people to take part in illegal actions and just stood watching for months, with full access to all the pertinent details, watching idly while more innocent people were becoming part of the “Boeremag” while the agents received more money from the secret fund. During the trial, they were listening in on privilege and confidential Client/Attorney conversations and even bugged our cells and consultation facilities.

I have been tortured during arrest for about 10 hours without any investigation into the torture. The high ranking Police officials which tortured me are still in the Police service and were even part of the investigating team.

For the past 10 years we have been held in prison under inhumane conditions. We have not been allowed any contact visits from our family and friends.

We are asking for your help to bring these continual human right violations to the attention of the international community and bring a stop to it.

The second thing that I want to bring under your attention is the parole of the other Boer people that are being held in prison as political prisoners. Some of them have been here prior to 1994. Their parole applications have and still are being refused solely on political grounds and they are long past the date of their initial prison term or parole.