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Thursday, 17 October 2013 17:07


Balmoral, 13 October 2013

On 13 October 2013, in southern Africa, at the cemetery of the concentration camp of Balmoral, a group of Boers came together to commemorate the anniversary of the birth of President Kruger (10 October 1825); for to unveil a gravestone in memory of AWB General Alexander Cruywagen (died in 2003); and to lay flowers on the graves of the Boers who were killed in the concentration camp.
At the event, organized by Piet Rudolph, was also present Dirk van Vuuren of the Dogter van Sion, and several men of the Ware Boere Weerstandsbeweging (BWB). Unfortunately, no member of the AWB has participated in the initiative, depriving themselves of the opportunity to pay tribute to one man who was one of the most important General of the resistance movement.

There could be more no appropriate location than Balmoral for a gravestone for Gen. Alexander Cruywagen.
So wrote “Storm”, the newsletter of the AWB, in September 2003, about him:

Alec had a chance to see it which many gave up and said it could not be done. To the last he tried to warn his people to be prepared on what lies ahead. When judgment day comes, and then on to ask, “Cain, where is your brother”, he can answer, me where between my people, here at Balmoral's concentration camp cemetery where freedom so high price demanded. His name deserves a prominent place in our volk's history. He truly lived for his God, the Boer volk and the restoration of the Boer republics.