South Africa, 29 Oct. 2013: “Boeremag” convictions PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 30 October 2013 17:00


Boer prisoners

Yesterday, 29 October 2013, in Pretoria, a court of the imperial regime of southern Africa, issued convictions against the accused in the “Boeremag” trial.
Among the accused there were also some Boer nationalists, who had already  declared themselves Prisoners of War long time ago.

The accused were convicted of, among other things, High Treason. An accuse clearly ridiculous when referring to the Boers, because they cannot “betray” a state that is foreign and enemy to them; and also an illegitimate accuse, because the imperial state of the Republic of South Africa (RSA) has no rights over the Boer Volk.

The accused in the “Boeremag” case were arrested in 2002/2003 (so they have already spent more than 10 years in jail). 11 of them have never left the prison. 2 are dead.

These are all convictions of 29 October 2013:
Tom Vorster; Herman van Rooyen; Johan Pretorius; Wilhelm Pretorius and Rudi Gouws: 35 years.
Mike du Toit; Dirk Hanekom; Dr. Lets Pretorius and Kobus Pretorius: 30 years.
André du Toit and Deon van den Heever: 20 years.
Rooikoos du Plessis and Jurie Vermeulen: 15 years.
Vis Visagie: 5 years of correctional supervision.
Adriaan van Wyk; Giel Burger; Jacques Olivier; Pieter van Deventer and Jacques Jordaan: 10 years.
(Fritz Naudé is still in hospital, after suffering several strokes. He will be condemned later).

The Boers that carry the RSA's chains are not criminals, but patriots, in service for their VOLK. Being faithful to their own volk is not treason. Remember Jopie Fourie!
The price of the struggle is often very high, but it isn't vain.
May their sacrifice be a stimulus for the Resistance and the Rebellion.
Freedom for the BOER VOLK!