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Sunday, 01 August 2010 16:52

Dan Roodt, a supporter of Afrikaner nationalism, in Jerusalem, behind him the flag of Judaism

Not infrequently between the supporters of the so-called Afrikaner nationalism (with reference to the whites Afrikaans-speaking), there are supporters of the Israel state, of the Zionist policy, and even of Judaism.
The white Afrikaners aren’t a nation; Jews are first and foremost a race (in biological sense, having avoided to mix with other peoples for thousands of years).
All racial, economic, religious, and ethnic groups, are not entitled to independence or to specific territorial claims, since these rights belong only to the nations.
There is only a white nation in southern Africa, and isn’t simply “Afrikaner”, “White” or “Christian”, is Boer.
Zionism, a movement born with the aim of establishing a Jewish state in Palestine through the immigration of Jews from all over the world, is sometimes compared to white Afrikaner attempts (in particular that of Orania), to constitute an white Afrikaner state in southern Africa, through the immigration of whites Afrikaans-speaking in a certain area. Beyond the superficial similarities, the differences are substantial and irreconcilable.
The only white nation in Africa, the Boer Nation, developed their own Republics on free lands, mostly uninhabited; the Zionists created a Jewish state in Arab Palestine; the white Afrikaners, on behalf of big foreign capitalists (particularly Jews and British), administered a macro-state in southern Africa, that imprisoned together various nations.
Whites Afrikaans-speaking, in their complexity and variety, are generally Christians and very religious. This, at least in theory, opposed them to Judaism (who denies that JHS is JHWH come in the flesh) and to a state founded on such a decision; that point to itself the name “Israel” to deny the true Israel.

Who is false but he who says that Jesus is not the Christ? He is the Antichrist who has no belief in the Father or the Son. He who has no belief in the Son has not the Father: he who makes clear his belief in the Son has the Father.
I John 2:22,23

The forces of Christ aren’t on the same side with the forces of the Anti-Christ. The fact that some whites Afrikaans-speakings, who say themselves Christians, see in the state of “Israel”, in the Zionist policy, and in Judaism, affinities, reflecting their identity crisis. This chaos, cultural, political and religious, is also a legacy of the propaganda of the white Afrikaner regime (dominated and run by Jews and British capitalists, the same that guided the transition to the ANC).
Someone, in contrast, had always clear ideas. In the 1979, the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB, in English: Afrikaner Resistance Movement) wrote: “True to the methods of the anti-Christ, which resides in International Judaism, (this anti-Christ) has carefully stretched its tentacles around the resources of the fatherland. With the help of a denationalized government the Afrikaner has been disinherited of his greatest asset - the natural wealth of his land.”