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Tuesday, 24 August 2010 11:00

The article below, written by Piet Rudolph for Orde Boerevolk, has been translated from Afrikaans (original title: “Hier kom ‘n Staatsgreep!” of the 21st August 2010).

Questo articolo è disponibile anche in italiano.


Comment: Here is a coup!


The development and complications and the associated disorder around strikes is taking on a pattern that is becoming more evident as time passes.

The current strikes are believed to be about higher wages in the public service and especially the health and education sectors. It is highly doubtful whether it is the only driving force. This is the sphere where the state is very vulnerable and if the police and army are going to get involved, it is safe to say that the table is being set for a coup within the African pattern of things. Strikes and disruption are already visibly taking a toll in the courts with hearings that can not take place and so justice can not prevail. Behind everything there is the Communist Party and the only reason because warning bells are not ringing even thou people know that all is not right is because the Communists are a so-called allied partner.

The Communists are busy with their infiltration of government with Communist ministers already in place within the cabinet. The government will increasingly be confronted with violent strikes. Just like Winnie Mandela wanted to help liberate the country through intimidation of tires, gasoline and matches, one can feel the tension in the air through there words and singing and so feel the intimidation of the red terror. Everywhere you look one can see these devastators with their red shirts, red caps and red jackets being worn out of fear.

All indications are that the choral dancer front that rant and rave at strikes are the red shirts of the hammer and sickle brigade and it can be expected that they will be the largest instigators of delinquency and violence.

Attached an alarming photo from Beeld [a South African newspaper, ed] of the 20th August 2010, that tells its own story on how the plan began unfolding.


When we do not know, but be warned, a coup is on its way!

Come, join and assist the Boer nation and help the Boer nation to protect ourselves. Fight for Freedom and the restoration of the Boer republics and the honour of 27 000 women and children. Stand together.