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Friday, 27 August 2010 09:16

The text below was taken from an article by Mike Smith (The "White War of the Running Dogs" is Here) of 26 August 2010, and may be useful to understand the current situation in South Africa, and how is interpreted by many whites.

Questo articolo è disponibile anche in italiano.

South Africa sucks

The strikes of the Civil servants are unfolding nicely. At first I thought it was only an exercise for a Communist Revolution, but it appears to unfold into the real thing. It looks as if the Revolution is here.
Now the Army threatens to join the strikes as well. Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union [POPCRU, ed], an affiliate of COSATU [largest trade union federation allied with the ANC and South African Communist Party, ed], has joined the strike on Wednesday 25th of August 2010. At the moment the police, prison services and traffic cops are still working, but they will start their strike on Saturday 28th of August 2010
… Let us pause for a moment and think about the implications of this…
In May 2010 we have seen the army taking over from the police at the borders and it being reported that the borders between Zimbabwe and Mozambique are riddled with holes. The army has to clean up the mess now at the borders they say. The entire fence between the Kruger Park and Mozambique has been removed by Thabo Mbeki [former president of  ANC’s South African regime, ed] to create a so called macro nature reserve.
One thing that I have learned from the Marxist terrorists is that they do everything for a reason and everything they do is a deception. They are disciples of Mao Zedong and Sun Tzu.
All these open borders are just the Marxists establishing a Truong Son Strategic Supply Route or as the American called it, a Hoh Chi Minh trail.
The Communist Master Plan, The Final Solution for South Africa is all moving into place.
Since the 1960’s the Communist have told the Blacks that they would be richly rewarded if they chase the White people into the sea…promising them a chicken in every pot, every night…
That time has now come. The people want their chickens, but the Communists say, “You have not kept up your end of the bargain yet…The whites are still there”
The Communists knows the rules of war and therefore never fight by them. If you know the rules, you also know how to break and by-pass them.
The Communists will never declare an official war. They waged war for three decades on the Namibian-Angola border and never once declared war. They know it will make them look like the aggressor. That is not what they want. They want to be seen as the VICTIMS.
It is called “People’s War”.
The Geneva Convention makes clear the rules of war. Soldiers need to wear identifiable uniforms, etc. The Communists do not want that. They do not want the people to know what their losses are. Besides nobody really cares about soldiers killed in a fair fight, do they? They want the people to think that the other side’s soldiers are killing their civilians. Every so called “Civilian” killed on the Communist side is used to recruit ten more.
The rules of war further states that soldiers are not allowed to attack hospitals…but civilians can do what they want. Soldiers are not allowed to attack schools, but there is no restrictions on what the civilian trade unions can do. It might be crime, but when the police force is on strike, then who is going to enforce the law?
That dear people are the real reasons behind these so called strikes by trade unions.
The Communists see the civilians as objects of war, therefore every person on their side, including women and children become expendable weapons of war and every person on the enemy side, old, young, babies, female or male, becomes a target. People become shields to hide behind and weapons to be used to strike the enemy with.
While a normal army tries to fight a fair and just war against this Communist People’s War, the media will be quick to point out who the Military “aggressors” and “baby killers” are and who the “innocent civilians” are. The strategy is brilliant actually. It defeated America in Vietnam.
Coming back to the Civil Servant Strike…
The Marxist Terrorist Government in South Africa sees every member of every trade union as a foot soldier. The regular army, the SANDF (South African National Defence Force) is not the REAL army of the Communists. COSATU is…and has always been.. the REAL army of the Communists.
When the Army goes on strike and dresses up in their COSATU T-shirts and civilian clothes, they will be joining the revolution. It will open the military bases for COSATU to arm themselves with military weapons.
The same with the police.
The prisoner’s in the jails are the “Special Forces”… the elite of the Communists. They will be set free and unleashed on the enemies of the revolution, read “The White Public.”
When nobody is guarding the borders, thousands of Communist reinforcements, with weapons will be streaming across the borders of Zimbabwe and Mozambique to join their revolutionary comrades in South Africa.
The president of South Africa is currently in China, discussing Communist Chinese support for the revolution and how the spoils will be divided up afterwards.
It indeed appears as if the revolution has finally arrived. It looks as even I was fooled for a moment. It looks as if the Whites in South Africa who could not get out in time are on their own now.