South Africa: the imperialism of the ANC wants Boer’s land PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 28 August 2010 23:11

Julius Malema, leader of the ANC Youth League (ANCYL)

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They call it “nationalization” but it is a colossal lie, because they wants transfer the land from a nation, the Boer nation, to an imperialist regime, that of the ANC, which in South Africa rules over different peoples and nations. Expropriation, to assassinate a nation. A new phase of capitalism-communism in South Africa. A new phase for a regime that promotes hate against Whites, which criminalizes them and impoverish them.
Julius Malema, the president of the ANC Youth League has very clear ideas: “It’s a simple policy. We’re going to take the land, but we’ll compensate and we’ll determine the price. We go to Terre’Blanche’s [murdered the 3rd of April, 2010, ed] farm and say: for these many hectares we will give you R2-million [about 213,300 Euros, ed], thank you very much.”
He continues: “If you say that’s too little and you don’t want it, then we take the land and give you nothing. It’s called expropriation with compensation determined by the state.”
But ANC has no jurisdiction over Boer nation. No majority, Black or White, is entitled to impose its will on another nation.
The Boer’s lands belong historically to the Boer people, and nobody else.