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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 16:51

Dr. Lets Pretorius

Eight years have gone by since the arrest and drawn out farcical sham trial of these fellow Boers.

Their only crime was that they wanted to show the white man and their own people where South Africa was headed.

Their struggle is nearly forgotten. The so-called independent media that is fighting so hard against press censorship carries little news about these Boer heroes. When they do it is based on skewed presentations and misrepresentations.

These men placed their own bodies on the line and has endured eight years of incarceration in hostile jails. They have been prosecuted and humiliated by white Keystone Cops and traitors who infiltrated their own people and sold them for thirty pieces of silver. The marriages of many of our men have broken up. Their children have grown up in the shadow of the regime's jails. Their impoverished families have to endure hardship.
They are noble men who held their heads high and have not been broken by the tyranny of communists and their hangers-on.

Men, we salute you. When our day of freedom rejoices over our fields, we will know who to thank. We will honour your memory.

There are also those who have been granted bail but is subjected to all sorts of restrictions, with investigators that consider themselves to be the judges of the trial.

One family that we want to single out is that of dr. Lets and mrs. Minnie Pretorius with their three sons. Johan, Kobus and Wilhelm have been accused together with their father. The Pretorius brothers are fighters par excellence who never stop addressing their accusers. They have just attempted to be classified as prisoners of war. We do not believe that they expected any hope of success.

Nevertheless, it is these kind of acts that keeps focussing the attention on the nature and extent of our struggle. This family has been through deep waters and deserves our utmost respect rather than the disinformation from the back rooms of our enemies and the unfounded rumours from our own ranks that continually does the dirty work of our enemies by casting doubt on our struggle and represents it as shallow.

Those who spread the gossip have themselves contributed very little to our struggle. We have had families like De Wet's and De la Rey’s who sacrificed hugely when freedom demanded it. To these we can add the Pretorius family.


Dr. Lets, mrs. Pretorius and the Pretorius brothers - you are shining beacons to the Boer people.

Drawn up and published by Piet Rudolph
on behalf of the Action Committee, Orde Boerevolk
29 August 2010