The hands of the ANC on Boer’s land. You can not “take back” what has never been your PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 03 September 2010 09:01

Julius Malema

Falsifying history and criminalizing a people, the Boer, announcing action: confiscate land to the Boers for to give it to blacks. Is the colonization of an occupied country, the expropriation of a nation, supported by a capital-communist empire without a proper flag, supported by big international capitalists and communist worldwide organizations. This is the regime of the ANC in South Africa.
“We are going to take (the) land back”, said Julius Malema president of the ANC Youth League (ANCYL), before the general council of his movement, held Friday 27 August. The watchwords are always the same: take back, redistribute. But there is nothing to “take back”, since the Boers not robbed anyone their land.
That the whole Africa belongs to blacks is a false history, absolutely racist: the first inhabitants of southern Africa were the Hottentots (the “Khoisan”, yellow-brown skin with Asian physical features), the Bantu blacks, once migrated south, not occupied the whole southern Africa, but some regions (usually on the east coast), the Boers occupied their lands without violating the rights of other nations.
Who should return something is the ANC, that should restore freedom to all nations (a white one - Boer - and black ones) in southern Africa.
The attempt to expropriate the Boer lands is a crime, the ANC seeks to cover it with the pretext of social justice. The ANC is not entitled to expropriate the lands of other nations, for any reason. The ANC has the same rights over the Boer nation has, for example, over the Italian: none.
But to solve the poverty of millions people in South Africa, is it necessary Boer lands? Is it necessary to turn into farmer who is not? The ANC uses the Boers as scapegoat for its failures and its inability, as it continues to impoverish the whole region and all nations who live here.
The data speak for themselves. Throughout South Africa empire: agriculture is only 3% of GDP and employs 9% of the workforce, the agricultural land is 12.1%, yet only 0.79% is cultivated permanently.
Large economic interests are elsewhere. Are hidden behind the ANC, they have made birth it and grow, while they changed the demographic of the region (with migration flows first, and with the Apartheid system then), until the times were ripe to hand power to it.