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Sunday, 05 September 2010 09:01

The following article by Mike Smith, on  21st August 2010, was taken from South Africa Sucks.


What is really behind the Nationwide Strikes?

Sudafrica, corteo delle camice rosse

The current Nationwide strikes of civil servants are confusing to a lot of people.
We see the members of COSATU [largest trade union federation allied with the ANC and South African Communist Party, ed] striking against the ANC government. How can this be? The ANC is in a tripartite alliance with COSATU and the SA Communist Party. Are they fighting each other? If so, then why are the strikers shouting “Viva, ANC”?
On the one hand you have the COSATU members in Cosatu and SACP–Shirts [South African Communist Party, ed] who are supporters of the ANC government taking on the police who is an arm of the ANC government.
It does not make sense… or does it?
To most normal people it will appear as if the strikers are stupid and  if they do not know what they are doing, but I can assure you that they know exactly what they are doing. The orders comes from the SACP who are the brains behind the tripartite alliance.
The fact is that these strikes are not strikes at all. They are Marxist terrorist military exercises in mass mobilization of the proletariat into what is known as a “People’s War” as Mao Tze Tung formulated, and later perfected by General Vo Nguyen Giap (commander of North Vietnamese forces). In South Africa the Communists use what is called the “Green Book, Lessons from Vietnam”.

Dr Anthea Jeffrey writes:
“A people’s war, as the term suggests, revolves around the use of people as weapons of war. As many people as possible must be drawn into the war, whether by joining organisations allied to the insurgents, or taking part in demonstrations, or helping with the propaganda campaign, or taking part in violent attacks. In addition, all individuals within the arena of conflict – including those who support the insurgents – are regarded as expendable in the waging of the war, in the same way as arms and ammunition are expendable in a conventional conflict. It also means that children are just as expendable as adults and that there is no bar against using children either as combatants or as targets for attack. As a combatant, a child may be more willing to take risks, and as a victim of violence the child has much greater value in subsequent propaganda and mobilisation.”
Source, Politicsweb

Over the last few years we have seen stage two of Mao’s “People’s War”. Seemingly insignificant reasons given for massive countrywide strikes like the black taxi strike that brought major cities like Pretoria, Johannesburg and Durban to a standstill by blocking the main roads leading into and out of the cities. Their reasons were that the police were giving them too many fines.
The masses of blacks who take part in these strikes have steadily grown into what we see today as the biggest strike in South Africa so far, which is countrywide. It is a display of  force. It is intimidation and it is mass mobilizing for a coming slaughter in South Africa.
This combined with a media blackout by the ANC as they are currently striving for, will ensure that the slaughter of whites in South Africa will be carried out as a “Peoples Revolt” and nobody will blink an eye about it.
My advice to whites in South Africa is to set contingency plans in place. Study maps of how to get to your children’s school or your wife’s job when this happens during the day. We have already seen that with a few taxis the entire city can be blocked off in a matter of hours, masses of blacks can move into the cities in a few hours and slaughter everyone inside. The drills for this have already been carried out.
The problem is that very few white people have made any plans or preparations for this so far, let alone spoken to their families about it. People do not study maps. They do not have emergency water, food or blankets on standby. They have not discussed a secret rendezvous point with their wife or children in case they get separated in an all out attack. They probably think their cell phones or telephones will work during such an event. No, these blacks have been “stealing” telephone cable for many years now. They know exactly how to cut all communications and it will be one of the first things that will be done in an all out Uhuru-style attack. People should make arrangements for other types of communications.

Sudafrica, cartello delle camicie rosse annuncia la guerra. Contro i bianchi?Look carefully at what these strikers are doing. Look at where they cut off national and main roads with taxis, how they lately cut off white schools and hospitals…listen carefully to what they speak and take what they say seriously. It is preparations for all out war on South Africa’s White Population.

Strikers: it’s war!